Collection Representative Job Description

January 3, 2011

The collection representatives are responsible for handling billings for a company. The collection representatives work in a variety of industries and often handle other office-related duties such as filing invoices and light bookkeeping. The collection representatives typically spend a lot of their time just trying to track people down on top of communicating with overdue […]

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Accounting Staff Job Description

December 17, 2010

The Accounting Staff provides support to the clients’ financial aspect by managing or giving advices. The Primary Objectives of a Real Estate Broker: The Accounting Staff primary objective is to support the clients in their financial life through advice and managing their finances. The Accounting Staff primary objective is to handle duties like on time […]

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Accountant Director Resume

November 1, 2010

John Smith 123 Any Town · USA 98109 · (425) 555.0139 Summary of Qualifications My objective is to be part of an corporation that will utilize my experience, problem solving capabilities and organizational skills for continued personal and professional growth. I have professional experience in Accounting and Finance. I am experienced at supervising of […]

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Purchasing Office Manager Job Description

October 13, 2010

The purchasing office managers search for the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost for their employers. They evaluate suppliers based on cost, quality, service, availability, reliability, and selection variety. They examine catalogs, commerce publications and directories in order to find the right suppliers. They use the reputation to determine whether or not […]

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Procurement Officer Job Descriptions

October 12, 2010

Based on a specific business field, the functions and duties of a Procurement department in any organization includes the following: Prepare and execute import plans Search, choose and deal with suppliers Search and expand suppliers in order to be able to purchase goods that are of high quality but at a low price. Make someone […]

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Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Description

October 11, 2010

Below are the summary of the typical key responsibilities of an account receivable supervisor: He/she should be able to recruit, train as well as motivate an accounts receivable team wherein he/she can provide the needed leadership as well as the coaching of the associates so that he/she can accomplish the main goals and objectives of […]

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Internal Auditor Job Description

September 1, 2010

In track of the Internal Audit director the auditor is accountable for the judicious implementation of risk-based internal audits in agreement with the twelve-monthly inspection diagram, as well as supporting with other review matters and directives. The Internal Auditor carries out assessment and special administration studies by carrying out self-governing appraisals of departmental assets and […]

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Accounts Receivable Analyst Job Description

August 30, 2010

The job of an Accounts Receivable Analyst is to offer a primary evaluation on the business and its client’s fiscal circumstance and approve or refuse payment of outstanding accounts within the enterprise. An Accounts Receivable Analyst takes care of minimizing dire liability hazards by balancing the imbursement for all account receivables and supervises account management. […]

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Accounting Clerk Job Description

August 30, 2010

Under managerial administration, the Accounting clerk performs diverse and progressively more conscientious accounting occupation connected to custody and evaluation of financial records and dispensation of white papers involving fiscal dealings; and carry out associated duties as necessary. The Accounting Clerk must be able to do the following task in their job function: The Accounting Clerk […]

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Credit and Collections Analyst Job Description

August 27, 2010

Credit and Collections Analyst, also recognized as bill collectors are accountable for compelling delinquent debtors to reimburse their past due bills. The Credit and Collections Analyst gives a baseline appraisal on a customer’s pecuniary state and authorizes or refuses customer payment extension. A Credit and Collections Analyst is in charge of lowering dire arrears threat, […]

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