Junior Art Director Job Description

April 14, 2011

Do you want to work in an environment where art and beauty is highly appreciated? Do you want to be in a career where you can express your creative ideas? Then try being a Junior Art Director. This can be a very challenging and moving career. This is also one of the highest paid jobs […]

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Junior Graphic Designer Job Description

April 11, 2011

As you come across the beautiful pages of a magazine, the eye catching brands a company sell and those visuals you see in video games where you spend most of your time, you would wonder who produces this kind of artwork. Well, they are called Junior Graphic Designer. If you think you have what it […]

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Illustrator Job Description

March 31, 2011

They say a portrait speaks a thousand of words. There are a lot of people who would buy paintings and illustration because they feel happiness each time they look at these pieces. That is why we need an Illustrator to make us this beautiful work of art. An illustration goes along way. We can use […]

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Image Consultant Job Description

March 30, 2011

In the modern world of today, how you dress tells a lot about your character. Clothes are not just meant to adorn the body anymore. Clothes and accessories now play a huge part of everyone’s wardrobe. What you wear for grocery shopping or picnic cannot be the same outfit for your board meeting or other […]

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Ethnomusicologist Job Description

March 25, 2011

Music may be the only other thing that comes to a person naturally. There is not a life in this planet that that does not know music. The study of music along with the growth of the music industry may have looked synonymous in that people are starting to develop their flair for music. Ten […]

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Art Director Job Description

March 11, 2011

An Art Director can receive income from $41,670 to $160,060, depending on the type of function an Art Director has. If someone is planning to pursue this profession you may consider preparing your creativity (the bolder the better) and technological information of production for the reason that the competition in this field is so stiff. […]

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Art Therapist Job Description

March 11, 2011

If an individual wants to undertake this field he/she must be a skilled artist, enthusiastic to help out people to triumph over problems, a superior communicator, flexible and inventive, and interested in psychology. What is an Art Therapist? Art Therapists are the ones who offer assistance to people who are distress, in trauma, or persons […]

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Animator Job Description

February 14, 2011

Do you see yourself imagining wild and creative animations like Toy Story? Or have you tried creating basic animations in your personal computer? Well, you surely have a bright future in venturing a career in animation especially if you are a fast learner and have knowledge about the basics of animation. This is your chance […]

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Musical Director Job Description

November 10, 2010

Understanding the different aspects of music and the execution of vocal, together with instrument music, in coming up with a successful production are the responsibilities of the Musical Director. Primary Objectives: The Musical Director manages the musical performances from the rehearsals up to the actual performance of the group. This type of job of the […]

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Floor Director Job Description

November 9, 2010

Preparations of the stage settings for production is the responsibility of the Floor Director. Primary Objectives: The Floor Director maintains an inventory of the headset units. The Floor Director supervises the floor crew which includes the camera operators and visual stylists. The Floor Director is responsible for maintaining communications with the audience. A degree in […]

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