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Ropes & Gray
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Established: 1865
Employees: 5,000
HQ: Boston, Massachusetts
Reviews: 2 Reviews
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Ropes & Gray Job Description

Ropes & Gray is a law firm that has been offering legal services for over 140 years with companies located in Chicago, London, Boston, San Francisco, Tokyo, New York, Silicon Valley, and other places. The company has employed over thousand lawyers who provide quality services and advice to various clients across the world. Their services include litigation practices and legal counseling for private and public organizations on various employment tasks and issues, individual’s rights, and other tax benefits. Ropes & Gray firm offers its law practices to various organizations like financial companies, government institutions, hospitals and pharmacies, educational institutions, small and large companies, etc.

Ropes & Gray Job Positions and Duties

  • Ropes & Gray Accounts Payable Manager Job Description

The accounts payable manager of Ropes & Gray has to manage and maintain the accounts of payable staff, improve the firm’s profits accordingly, finalize the decisions, to play a role of a vendor, to check the various controls and procedures of the firm. The candidate must posses a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting with five years of experience in related field specifically in professional services department. He/she should also posse’s good communication skills with excellent computer skills. The company offers job benefits and developmental programs for the selected candidates.

Ropes & Gray Accounts Payable Manager Yearly Salary: $61,000

  • Ropes & Gray Accounts Payable Representative(temp-to-perm) Job Description

The accounts payable representative’s job is to maintain the accounts of payable responsibilities that includes tracking vendor invoices, to check the reports of client issues, account coding, etc. The candidate’s job responsibilities include entering data of the vendor’s payment requests, expenses charged for correct accounts, record keeping, capturing the discounts, checking the issues, participating in the annual filing process, processing of expense reports, identifying the issues and provide solutions for it, answering the phone calls in time, to send emails in time regarding the firm, to participate in projects and other duties assigned by the manager. The accounts payable representative should be talented in business math with excellent communication skills.

Ropes & Gray Accounts Payable Representative (temp-to-perm) Yearly Salary: $63,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Ropes & Gray include being a practice development assistant whose main job responsibility is to assist the practice development manager and other specialists regarding to management of practice groups that provides knowledge management, business development, attorney integration, training and support. The candidate must support and assist transactions and securities of private and public companies. The practice development assistant should also posses management and other organizational skills like excellent communication and writing skills, computer skills, to demonstrate and make use of modern technology, presentations, update databases, usage of business software’s, etc. He/she must be a graduate from business administration or an equivalent degree with experience certificate.

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Company Reviews

Tuesday 8th of February 2011 East Palo Alto, California
Management is AWFUL!! Cutthroat law firm with no regard for non legal staff. The East Palo Alto office AKA Silicon Valley office has laid off several people in a deplorable fashion. This firm actually believes that you can plan your sickness, if you use a sick day that you are entitled to without scheduling it in advance, you are docked. The review process is a joke management tends to bring up thing that happened several years ago to get ammunition on you so that you can be terminated. Sneaky low life law firm. I have never worked for a firm before where partners will not speak up to defend workers and where HR and management have the power to cut a persons position without any concern for anyone accept themselves. The management always come up with tasks to keep themselves busy for fear of loosing their own jobs. Morale in this firm SUCKS! Advice to Senior Management Cut out all managers who have not a clue about the actual work performed. Get some work so that you can concentrate on pleasing clients and not making staffs life miserable. Stop having so many useless meetings that accomplish nothing. Acquire supervisors that have a legal background, not for example a fast food background. There are just too many cooks in this kitchen.

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