Research and Marketing Staff Resume

November 11, 2010

John Smith 123 Any Town · USA 98109 · (425) 555.0139 Summary of Qualifications To seek a Research and Marketing position for a career growth. Expert in both statistics and mathematics. Best analyzing skills for customer’s’ and competitors’ needs. Ability to work under pressure. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from University. Professional […]

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Field Market Researcher Resume

November 10, 2010

John Smith 123 Any Town · USA 98109 · (425) 555.0139 Summary of Qualifications To seek for a post as a Field Market Researcher in a well known organization which can make use of my knowledge in various fields of marketing. I am extensive experience with various market research techniques to assess customer satisfaction, […]

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Sales Specialist Job Description

October 21, 2010

The sales specialist sells a product or service for a company he/she works with. The Primary Objectives of a Sales Specialist: The Sales Specialist primary objective is to sell products or service of his/her company at a given location. The Sales Specialist primary objective is do sales on foot or by phone. The Sales Specialist […]

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Event Planner Job Description

October 13, 2010

The event planners are not just planning for parties, as they deem much about the details, vision, organization and the means to pull off both big and small events without a glitch. They can work on a freelance basis or for an event planning company, which is popular in wedding planning. The event planners are […]

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Channel Sales Resume

October 7, 2010

John Smith 123 Any Town · USA 98109 · (425) 555.0139 Summary of Qualifications Looking for an opportunity to apply and further develop my skills and knowledge as a channel sales agent in a well-known and superior broadcasting company. Superb communication skills as well as interpersonal and management skills. Excellent organization and time management […]

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Copy Writer Job Description

September 23, 2010

The key tasks of a copy writer includes writing advertisements for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema screens, billboards, catalogues and displays in shops. He also writes brochures, annual reports, documents, speeches and other sales and promotional material. He discusses theme, style and length of copy with advertisers or management, to determine the most suitable approach. […]

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Telemarketer Job Description

August 19, 2010

Telemarketers are primarily sales and marketing representatives doing business using telephones. Some of them do direct selling, while others are into information gathering to help in the identification of buyers or determine which new product can succeed. Using the telephone, they call private individuals or business establishments to sell goods or services, or if working […]

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Retail Merchandising Analyst Job Description

August 18, 2010

Retail Merchandising Analysts help in maximizing the potential of retail stores to realize more profits. They analyze inventory risks and opportunities, and implement strategies for allocating inventory so that merchandise flow efficiently through the store and generate more sales. Nature of Work Retail merchandising analysts monitor category sales of the store, supervise physical inventory of […]

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Merchandising Analyst Job Description

August 17, 2010

Merchandising Analysts usually work as internal consultants for the Merchandising Department. They help increase the retail store’s profit potential. They analyze risks and opportunities of their inventory, and implement inventory allocations in order to improve cash flow and raise margins for profits. They also provide valuable insights that can help attain or even surpass the […]

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Merchandiser Job Description

August 17, 2010

Merchandisers make sure that the products they handle are in the store when needed and in the required quantities. They coordinate with the team in charge of buying merchandise, and use the information to forecast trends and plan strategies for maintaining the amount of stock needed, and oversee performance. They make the decision on expenditures, […]

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