Excavating Machine Operators Job Description

April 15, 2010

The Excavating Machine Operator operates or tends machinery equipped with scoops, shovels, or buckets, to excavate and load loose materials. The Tasks of the Excavating Machine Operator The Excavating Machine Operator moves levers, depress foot pedals, and turns dials to operate power machinery such as power shovels, stripping-shovels, scraper loaders, or backhoes. The Excavating Machine […]

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Loading Machine Operator Job Description

April 6, 2010

A Loading Machine Operator operates underground loading machines to load coal, ore, or rock into shuttle or mine cars or onto conveyors. The loading equipment used by the Loading Machine Operator may include power shovels, hoisting engines equipped with cable-drawn scraper or scoop, or machines equipped with gathering arms and conveyor. The tasks that are […]

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Rotary Drill Operators Job Description

April 1, 2010

A Rotary Drill Operator sets up or operates a variety of drills to remove petroleum products from the earth and to remove core samples for testing during oil and gas exploration. The Rotary Drill Operators has several tasks that they need to perform in their job functions. The following is a brief summary of the […]

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Roof Bolter Job Description

March 25, 2010

A Roof Bolter operates machinery to install roof support bolts in underground mine. A Roof Bolter assumes different job titles but does the same function which is to install roof support bolts in underground mines. Roof Bolter Job Titles are: Bolt Machine Operator Bolt Man Bolting Machine Operator Coal Miner, Roof Bolting Inby (Roof Bolter) […]

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Extraction Worker Helper Job Description

March 15, 2010

The Extraction Worker Helper job function is to help extraction craft workers, such as earth drillers, blasters and explosives workers, derrick operators, and mining machine operators, by performing duties of lesser skill. The Extraction Worker Helper duties include supplying equipment or cleaning work area. Tasks for Extraction Worker Helpers The Extraction Workers repair and maintain […]

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Continuous Mining Machine Operator Job Description

March 11, 2010

A Continuous Mining Machine Operator must operate self-propelled mining machines that rip coal, metal and nonmetal ores. Primary Objectives: The Continuous Mining Machine Operator determines locations, boundaries and depths of holes or channels to be cut out. The Continuous Mining Machine Operator is responsible to drive the machinery to work. The Continuous Mining Machine Operator […]

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