Accounts Receivable Analyst Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 30, 2010

The job of an Accounts Receivable Analyst is to offer a primary evaluation on the business and its client’s fiscal circumstance and approve or refuse payment of outstanding accounts within the enterprise.

An Accounts Receivable Analyst takes care of minimizing dire liability hazards by balancing the imbursement for all account receivables and supervises account management. The Accounts Receivable Analyst reconciles client and company statements and billing data and communicates with the accounting department. The Accounts Receivable Analyst provides their input for debt improvement mechanisms and management directives as prescribed by the organization.

The Accounts Receivable Analyst must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • Recruit, educate and encourage the accounts receivable group while providing leadership and coaching for colleagues to ensure the success of departmental, personal and organizational directives and requirements. The Accounts Receivable Analyst’s task is to ensure unbiased and professionally driven decisions are completed concerning the releasing/holding of client goods according to the fiscal state of the account.
  • The Accounts Receivable Analyst ensures collections connections are using company designated practices and code of conduct within their elected echelon of influence for reviewing client requests and all related disputes with respect to the account. Another task is to institute and appraise credit restrictions for both fresh and existing clients. Accounts Receivable Analysts work with business and district funding to examine bad debt reserve necessities and advocate monthly accretion.
  • Skills that Accounts Receivable Analyst should posses:

    • A Bachelors degree in Accounting or Finance related majors are ideal with knowledge of accounts receivables, office administration, bookkeeping processes and conflict management disciplines.
    • One to three years of Accounts Receivable operations is required to qualify for the position.
    • Outstanding business writing skills and flawless communication skills with excellent customer service skills.

    Work Related Expectations:

    • Manage and alleviate credit risk by analyzing client yearly fiscal reports, regulatory statements (as accessible), arrears check ratings and other treatment apparatus. Supervise currency revenue and submission to appraise and modify the efficiency of current currency applications measures.
    • Recognize and provide a solution for operational obstacles that delay thriving presentation by developing practical results to problems including the use of mechanization, practice revisions, executive changes, partnership with other providers.

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