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Affiliate Manager Job Description

So you want to be an Affiliate manager? Being an affiliate manager requires you to have a very good way to plan, having to instinctively plan every move you make. Making right decisions are very crucial in being an Affiliate Manager.

What’s an Affiliate Manager?

So what does an Affiliate Manager do? First you need a company who needs to manage their affiliates. If it’s still vague for you, one good example is amazon.com, amazon is the perfect affiliate market. Amazon sells goods for other people and in return those clients pay amazon for selling their product. The man behind that all is the Affiliate Manager, now you know how it works. You’re interested in getting this job? Here are the details.

Duties of an Affiliate Manager

If you want to be an Affiliate Manager, you need to practice those planning skills and communication skills of yours; this job requires both writing and speaking proficiency. Aside from selling products, you will be talking to various clients for future investments. I mean you’re good in planning but can’t speak to people, people skills is a must in being an Affiliate Manager.

Educational Background of an Affiliate Manager

Though being an Affiliate Manager really doesn’t mean that you really need to have a degree in marketing or management, as long as you’ve got that natural talent to manage and to plan things you can be an Affiliate Manager. But if you really want to know what courses are related to being an Affiliate Manager, you need to have a degree in Marketing or Management. That would really help you; even having a degree in psychology can help too. Knowing what people want and knowing how they think would be a great help in online marketing.

Occupation and Progress of an Affiliate Manager

The job indicates you to work a full time job, for 40 hours per week. It really depends if you have a company that owns your own building, or you’re just starting your own humble .com, work environment changes in every situation you are. From having a desk in your own company building or a desk at your own house, you make the call. It really depends on the company you are with, if you want to have a desk in a normal office then go apply for an office job as an Affiliate Manager, or better be your own Affiliate manager of your own .com, in that case it’s more rewarding, though it’s harder it really tests your skills.

Annual Income of an Affiliate Manager

Being an Affiliate Manager has ups and downs too; you may be working for a good company but pays you bad, or working too much but not having those commissions too. It really depends on which company you’re under. An affiliate manager has a salary range from $50k-90k annually; Pay isn’t that bad too right? And one thing, being an affiliate manager aside from having your daily monthly payment you also obtain weekly bonuses and commissions. This job is a work-to-be-paid job, the more you work the more you get paid. Great for persons who love planning and working hard, this will turn out great for you.

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