Bar Manager Job Description

A bar is a social place where you can gather, eat, drink and enjoy the lavish of the place. You could see different kinds of individuals in a bar, students, couples, dating, politicians, family, etc. Like a any other establishments, a bar needs someone who can generate the business smoothly, who can make and maximize the functions of the staffs. If you are interested of working at a bar and qualify with the requirements of becoming a bar manager, then this job is definitely for you.

What is a Bar Manager?

A bar manager manages the entire bar operation these includes staffing, event design, event organizing, setting schedules for the employee, evaluates staff performance, reprimands mistakes of his or her staffs. In an event, the manager together with assistants must also have a physical appearance to ensure and evaluate the customer satisfaction of their services like food, beverage, and staffs.

What are the main functions of a Bar Manager?

The manager is the heart of any business. The manager has variety of jobs and responsibilities to do. A bar manager is the:

    1. Reviewer: The bar manager reviews the bar inventory, the stocks available for a daily functioning, reviews the equipment are functioning well.
    2. Manager: The bar manager manages the financial aspect of the bar. Reloads cash drawers.
    3. Law-governing: The bar manager must also require to know at least some of state, local and federal law regarding on alcohol distribution. Please take note that MINORS are not allowed to drink alcohol beverages.

Duties of a Bar Manager

The task and responsibilities of a bar manager is not easy. If any problems may occur on the duration of an event, they are expected to compromise. The bar manager is the one who carries and reports any problem to the owner of the establishment. These are the following duties of a bar manager.


  • Bar managers choose and interview prospect applicant.
  • They personally train the staffs on methods and procedures and orient them on the bar rules and regulations.
  • They are also responsible in security status of the bar. They are the one who reports any undesirable disciplinary actions and behaviors to their supervisor.
  • Supervises if the staff is doing their work and functioning according to their job descriptions.
  • They hold department meetings.
  • They are to recommend staff of unavailability, information related to drinks, wines, and etc., and other pertinent information to ensure the efficiency of the bar.

Ensures and reviews bar productivity

  • They check the stocks for supplies and stocks of the bar if necessary.
  • Evaluates the overall cash-up
  • Strives hard to ensure hygiene and sanitation service of the bar.
  • They implement new techniques for the bar and for the staff.
  • Evaluates the staff attendance and discipline them if needed.
  • They regularly communicate with the owner or president of the establishment.
  • They set schedule of staffs and recommend schedules to increase the bar’s productivity status.

Ensures quality

  • It is the manager’s goal to help the bar in giving and increasing the costumer’s satisfaction.

Guarantee bar hygiene and Sanitation

  • They follow-up the assigned person to regularly collect and dispose waste.
  • Assure and promotes cleanliness to the bar.

Educational Requirements of a Bar Manager

There is no minimum educational requirement for applying in bar manager position. But a high school graduate is more preferable. Basic knowledge on management and bartending is one step edge to other applicants too.

Remuneration of a Bar Manager

The average salary of a bar manager is 27 500 USD to 70 000 USD. Experience, years of work, location are factors that can affect the salary of a bar manager.

Being a bar manager is important. Remember, if you are not around in a bar to manage and supervise, the bar may be so chaotic and wild. That is why most of the employers also are hiring managers that has a sense of responsibility and dedication. Finding one job that caters your interest may be hard. But if you really have the heart of service and hard work, applying for a job manager is one job for you.

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