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Design Engineer Job Description

The work of a design engineer requires skill and experience in developing core ideas for products and production systems in a client specific objective.

The Design engineer is also responsible for the recalibration and efficiency evaluation of all existing products and programs within the business unit.

The Design Engineer must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Design Engineer works as part of a process and product improvement/inception unit, focusing on product and process development by using engineering principles to increase the efficiency and value of the business, utilizing cost effective mechanisms while improving overall productivity.
  • The Design Engineer is a specialized role, and often directs the candidate to perform client specific development for products or existing processes in a business unit. You will be responsible for Research and the use of mathematical modeling to inspect new developments and business innovation to determine its cost effect and over-time value.

Skills that Design Engineer should posses:

  • As a Design Engineer you are expected to be skilled in concept design, turning corporate research into technical plans with the use of planning software and proprietary design methods specific to the business.
  • You are responsible for the conception of Testing and Analysis methodology for prototype products and reviewing existing products or processes to promote productivity and make necessary recommendations to increase its value and reduce production cost.
  • A Design Engineer is responsible for creating reports and presentations for project management supervisors and clients on a per need basis.
  • A Design Engineer is expected to have strong problem solving skills, capable of coming up with creative approaches for generating new ideas and improving existing processes or products in the unit.
  • An professional skill level in the use of CAD software is expected, using engineering and design principles to maximize output.

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