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Duty Manager Job Description

One really important personnel in an establishment is someone who can work to manage and organize the organization. Most duty manager position services are found in hotels, resorts, and clubs. He or she shoulders the responsibility of managing the facility, manage the security, and take care of customer-employee issues. They are indeed the ones who maintain the smooth flow of an establishment. Their presence during their duty is highly advised since they foresee the flow and order of an institution. A duty manager’s voice is also being heard at meetings, they also collaborate with other departments of the company or institution.

Duties of a Duty Manager

The task of a duty manager is focused on the general maintenance of a company, institution, or an establishment. Moreover these are the following responsibilities that a duty manager looks forward to:

  • They are responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness of the offices and other facilities.
  • They are responsible in keeping a safe and secure facility for the customer and other employees.
  • They foresee and check the availability of stocks and storages and facilitate requests if out of order.
  • During duty, they handle some customer issues.
  • They inform the top manager of the flow of the business.
  • They make themselves available always and as possible whenever there will be possible problems arising.
  • They assure an equal and justifiable service among customers.
  • They keep track on the performance of their staff and reports immediately those offensive behaviors to tor managers to be intervened.

Ideal Qualities of a Duty Manager

Since the duty manager has a huge task to perform, there will be lots of problems that will arise during his or her shift. There will also be problems on security and resources, but a good duty manager must know how to handle these kinds of problems. A good duty manager must be good or expert in organizing since most of their job is maintain the overall flow of the business or establishment. A duty manager must also possess a strong and good discipline. This is because the staff looks forward to the job of a duty manager, in short, most of them rely on the duty manager’s tasks. A good duty manager must be good in resolving problems or has good analytical skills. There are problems that may arise during his or her shift; so good problem solving skills is a plus to a duty manager. Good communication skill is an advantage and ideal. Since most of them requires to communicate to staffs, to customers, to top managers, and to other staffs of the department.

Educational Requirements of a Duty Manager

For a duty manager, a bachelor’s degree in business management or administration is a must. A Master’s degree is an advantage. When you will be applying for this position, there are set of qualifications that you must present such as your previous management experience and certificates of training.

Working Condition of a Duty Manager

Duty managers work 40 to 48 hours per week. These working hours may also vary according to the organization or institution’s needs. Duty managers always have a strict and busy schedule.

Remuneration of a Duty Manager

Duty manager’s salary depends on the kind of organization he or she works in. But an average of 30,000 USD per year is earned by a duty manager. Of course, there are bonuses and other benefits that they can get from the company or institution where they are working.

If you think you possess all these qualities and you are satisfied with the information presented, then this job is one for you.

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