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Gallery Assistant Job Description

Picasso, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and others, their works are priceless and are treasured. These works of art needs someone that would take care of them and make sure that they stand the test of time. These artworks should be protected at all times and constant care must be provided. This is part of the responsibility of a gallery assistant.

A gallery assistant provides all around assistance in a gallery. They manage in acquiring and tracking records to make sure that all items are accounted for. They make sure that exhibits are well coordinated and are involved in planning and organization of the event. They are the face of a gallery and interacts with visitors and management as well.

  • Gallery assistants start the day by opening the gallery and by closing the galleries as well. They need to make sure that the gallery is clean before opening and closing and that no one is around before shutting down operations.
  • They receive artworks from different dealers and provide proper storage to the artworks that are delivered in the gallery. They provide proper display section for the artworks making sure that there is enough space and measurement between each hanging artwork.
  • Coordinates with the curator regarding the daily task. They would make sure that proper instruction will be observed and that the proper guidelines on how to take care of each specific painting will be observed.
  • Gallery assistants work 40 hours a week, usually within business hours. They usually stay within the exhibit floor and monitors daily operations. They make sure that everything in the show floor is in order.
  • Receives tasks from the curator that can involve in performing several duties. It can be a routine type of work that involves cleaning the whole exhibit floor rearranging the hanging paintings and ensuring the safety of all of the exhibitions.
  • Gallery assistant need just to have a high school diploma to be qualified for this job. Although appreciation with art and a deeper study in college can be a definite advantage. Candidates may want to take classes in Fine Arts and related courses. Also, there are institutions that provide detailed studies in different forms of art.
  • A gallery assistant can provide several opportunities. Those who would like to get a career in this field should expect adequate pay and that there will be tough competition if they want to get in national museums since the slots can be limited. However, there are other smaller galleries that can provide regular job as well. Lastly gallery assistants can become curators which are considered the head of any gallery.

There are a lot to appreciate about art, however, there are only a few who can truly appreciate and see art more than what the usual eyes can see. If you have a keen eye for art and know how to value and take care of it, then you can consider this as your career.

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