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Junior Secretary Job Description

The responsibilities that each job entails depend on the level of their position. Other career especially those high ranking jobs have a wider range of responsibility than those lower than them. Because of this it would be easier for them if there would be someone who can assist them with their work by organizing their schedule or reminding them of the tasks they have to do. A Junior Secretary can be of great help to this people.

Go through some of the important information you need to know about a Junior Secretary.

What is a Junior Secretary?

A Junior Secretary is someone who takes task and reports to a Senior Secretary. They assist the Senior Secretary in their tasks and do the duties that were assigned to them by the senior. They performs secretarial and administrative assistance to professionals individually or as a part of a group.

Duties of a Junior Secretary

  • A Junior Secretary can assist a Senior Secretary in organizing and managing documents and reports that should be presented to their superior. They are the one who coordinates conferences or meetings and even organize travel arrangements. They also distribute the minutes of the meetings they have prepared to the members of their department.
  • A Junior Secretary also helps in maintaining systems in the office. They preserve the schedules and manage events both external and internal. They are accountable for the mails or other materials that are sent in the office. They also set up filing systems and work procedures.
  • Junior Secretaries is responsible for gathering information and maintaining the database of an office. They communicate with the person that is involved personally or through writing to respond to questions or just simply giving information.
  • A Junior Secretary also monitors the flow of information that is coming outside going in or vice versa. They also manoeuvre the equipments in the office and they deal with the office space. Interacting with other staff and external contacts can also be added to their responsibilities.

Work Condition of a Junior Secretary

  • Junior Secretaries often work in corporate settings, schools, government agencies and other offices. They usually are entailed to sit for long periods doing desk work. Most of them work in a standard forty hours per week.
  • Most of the Junior Secretaries work and meet with different types of people. They can work together with other employees as a part of a group. They can also be subjected to pressure at times but they can be allowed to work in a flexible schedule.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Secretary

Basically a candidate would have to be a high school graduate but most employers now would opt for those who have graduated in an administrative support school. They should posses’ good oral and written skills. They should also have basic knowledge in using the computer which can help them do their job.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Secretary

The secretarial work changes over the years and depends on the sector they are working for. Being a secretary gives one an opportunity to be familiar on how a company operates which can help them. A Junior Secretary can advance to become a Senior Secretary or may become an office manager where they will be given greater responsibilities.

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