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Key Worker Job Description

In every resident there are daily programs for adults. It helps them to develop their sociability and physical skills especially elderly community members by encouraging them in participating in this kind of programs. Many adults get physical disabilities when they get old so the key worker is the one who helps people in these environments.

What is a Key Worker?

Some people think that a key worker is the one who keeps the keys. Well, that is absolutely wrong. A key worker also known as community support worker is the one who provides comprehensive support to adults. Giving care and assistance to them are his/her main duty. Encouraging adults to participate recreational and social activities that can help them develop their sociability and physical skills. Also to develop their emotional and daily life skills development of the individuals.

Duties of a Key Worker

  • A Key worker is the one who assists and helps citizens in their daily activities that they encounter like the physical, recreational, social and educational activities. Also being a good role model to everybody.
  • He/she maintains the liaison with the government officials, agencies and the community. Planning, developing, implementing and evaluating recreational, social and educational activities for the clients. To worker aims to create an enjoyable and fun atmosphere to encourage clients to participate in the programs. Participate in group planning and helps develop individual activities which focus on the needs of each client. If there are accident that will happen the key worker will be the one who is responsible for solving the problems.
  • Monitoring the clients, assisting daily life skills and behavior training. Assist clients in every appointment they attend and may provide transportation. He/she is responsible in ensuring that the requirements for safety transportation is complete such as license, brake check, etc.
  • He/she is also in charge in cleaning rooms like washing the walls, scrubbing and vacuums floor, cleans mirror and windows. Prepares the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for the clients and ensuring that it is nutritious and satisfying.

Work Condition of a Key Worker

  • A Key worker usually works in a community.
  • He/she is the one who helps adults in developing their skills so he/she must have the patience in training them. He/she should be family-centered and needs-led. This person should know how to balance his/her time to meet all the needs. Must be a problem solver and wise in decision making.
  • Should have the ability in communication skills and interpersonal skills in order to encourage citizens properly. He/she should have the sense of humor is imperative to perform this kind of job. Providing emotional support to the clients are required.

Educational Requirements of a Key Worker

To be a Key worker, He/she should have a high school diploma or work experience in this job. Background working with group of adults is a plus. He/she should have the knowledge in adult disease and behaviors.

Occupation and Progress of a Key Worker

Being a Key worker is good profession. Helping citizens in their daily problems that they encounter everyday by having a recreational, social, and also educational activities to enhance their abilities and skills. Willingness to help others is one of the personality you should posses.

Helping others is such great doings as a key worker. But it takes to have a lot of patience in doing this. But I believe all of us can do such things that other people can be happy!

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