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Marketing Assistant Job Description

In contemporary society, a field in marketing industry is essential as it helps business campaign to run adequately and smoothly. If you want to enter in the huge arena of marketing works, this is definitely an exciting junior role that is worth considering.

What is a marketing assistant?

Marketing assistants are persons that assist and implement much of company’s marketing strategies. They are professionals who are expected to develop different elements beneficial for the company’s growth. Marketing assistant have crucial role with managing and supporting the business industry.

Duties of a marketing assistant

  • Marketing assistant includes 2 important things which are market research and planning. These things help in the progress of the company’s marketing strategies. They generally works under direct supervision of a marketing manager and are tasked to facilitate and carry out company’s campaign drives.
  • Marketing assistants should be self motivated with the ability to work even under stress especially when meeting deadlines of projects. They should pay particular attention to details right from the start.
  • They are usually required to design and create marketing materials such as articles, brochures, projects, press releases, event announcements, company newsletter, trade-show passes, reports and thank you letters.
  • These professionals assist in different trade shows and seminars. A sound knowledge regarding logistics is crucial. They also track the company project and maintain appropriate business line marketing calendars.
  • Marketing assistants serve as mediator between the company and the advertising agencies. They track refunds or payments as well as registration forms for many events.

Condition of work

  • The general standard of work for marketing assistants takes 9 to 5 days, about 5 days per week. However, it is not unlikely that you are asked to work in overtime periods with short notice in order to keep strict deadlines.
  • Traveling outside the company or office are also expected in working as a Marketing Assistant as they frequently visit their clients, go on exhibitions and also photo shoots for advertising.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a marketing assistant, an associate’s degree in marketing and business administration is essential. A bachelor’s degree in marketing and business management is a top notch as well as a diploma gained from an accredited college or university.

Occupation and Progress

  • Marketing Assistants has an important role in lots of companies from health and government to retail and commercial. With this, your job option is open which allows you to work on your way towards a company or industry where you are interested.
  • As you are tasked on higher responsibilities and obtain more work experience, you will be able to move to next level as a marketing executive.

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