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MDS Coordinator Job Description

In a medical facility, proper documentation and report is essential. An MDS coordinator or Minimum Data Set Coordinator is responsible for sorting documents within the hospital setting. Discover what it takes to excel in this role by exploring this MDS Coordinator job description including qualifications, salary expectations, similar jobs, and career path options.

What is an MDS coordinator?

So what is an MDS coordinator? A Minimum Data Set Coordinator is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely completion of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessments for patients in a healthcare facility.

They make sure that the documents adhere to both federal and state regulations and work closely with administrative and medical staff to keep patient records up-to-date. They handle the resident assessment instrument or RAI process for the patients from admission to discharge.

The MDS assessments are a crucial part of the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement process, as they determine the level of care needed for each patient and the corresponding reimbursement amount.

Duties and Responsibilities of MDS coordinator

In this MDS coordinator job description, we will also cover the duties and responsibilities of this role. Their responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with residents, and healthcare professionals, including nurses, therapists, and physicians, to gather information for the assessment process
  • Conducting patient assessments using the MDS assessment tool
  • Collecting and analyzing data on patients’ medical conditions, treatments, and progress
  • Collaborating with healthcare professionals to develop care plans based on the MDS assessments and run assessment care plan meetings
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations related to MDS assessments
  • Monitoring and updating patient records as needed
  • Communicating with healthcare team members and families to provide updates on patients’ conditions and care plans
  • May also be involved in training and educating other healthcare staff on MDS assessment processes and regulations.
  • Can also perform some nursing tasks if needed

Skills and Qualifications

To become an MDS coordinator, a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or a related healthcare field is commonly required. Some positions may require a higher level of education, such as a Master’s degree in nursing or healthcare administration. Most hospital employers prefer RNs or registered nurses with at least 2 or more years of work experience in a healthcare facility or a nursing home to become an MDS coordinator.


  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or a related healthcare field
  • Active licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN)

Helpful Skills and Experience to Have:

  • Clinical Experience as a registered nurse, particularly in long-term care settings
  • MDS Training specializing in processes and protocols. This training can be in the form of coursework or workshops specifically focused on MDS completion, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, and long-term care documentation.
  • Knowledge of MDS assessment processes and regulations
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in data collection and analysis
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and other team members
  • Proficiency in using computer software for data management and record keeping

While specific qualifications may vary depending on the healthcare facility and state regulations, these are some of the key qualifications and skills that can contribute to success as an MDS Coordinator.

MDS Coordinator Salary Expectations

The MDS coordinator salary can vary depending on location, years of experience, and the size and type of healthcare facility. The average annual salary for MDS coordinators is about $84,000 – $133,000 [Glassdoor].

More years of experience and advanced certifications or specialized knowledge will increase the MDS coordinator salary. It’s also worth mentioning that some healthcare facilities may offer additional benefits such as healthcare insurance, retirement plans, and professional development opportunities, which can add value to the overall compensation package.

MDS Coordinator Career Path Options

As an MDS Coordinator, there are several career path options you can explore. Some possible paths include:

  • Advancing to a leadership role within the MDS department or healthcare facility
  • Transitioning into a healthcare management or administration role
  • Pursuing further education and specialization in a related field, such as geriatric care or healthcare informatics
  • Becoming a consultant or trainer in MDS assessment processes and regulations

These career path options provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing MDS Coordinators to expand their knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry.

Job descriptions for similar positions

If you’re interested in MDS coordinator jobs, but would like to explore other options, there are several similar jobs in the healthcare industry that you may consider:

These similar jobs offer different focuses and opportunities within the healthcare industry, allowing you to explore various career paths while utilizing your skills and knowledge.

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  1. I am an LPN…& have been an MDS Coordinator for over 5 years now. Love this job-I have been a nurse for over 22 years now and this position is the best fit. What really upsets me is the instability of MDS Coordinators that come & go-I have seen 7 people quit since I have been here doing this for 5 years. The “RN” only stuff people? I have seen some RN’s that shouldn’t be, and just because you have an RN title worn on your shirt doesn’t make you a good nurse-let alone a good MDS Coordinator
    Facilities that limit their MDS Coordinators to RN’s only are really shooting themselves in the foot-don’t be so blind by a title
    I have run circles around some RN’s around here and have saved my facility thousands upon thousands of dollars because I catch things that the RN missed…hmmmmm

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