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Optometric Assistant Job Description

There is a wide availability of job employment for medical assistants in the United States. If you want to become a medical assistant for an optometrist clinic, then becoming an optometric assistant is worth considering.

What is an optometrist assistant?

An optometrist assistant performs various clinical and administrative functions which generally depend on the medical practitioner’s specialty as well as the size of facility. Optometrist performs clinical duties that usually require a specialized and intensive training. Becoming an optometrist assistant is a great stepping stone especially for those who are interested in becoming an optometrist.

Duties of an optometrist assistant

  • Optometrist assistants are tasked in both clinical and administrative works in order to prepare their patients for an eye examination as well as vision therapy.
  • Administrative jobs may include preparing correspondence, scheduling appointments, documenting case preliminary history, filing and maintaining records.
  • Clinical jobs may include testing their patient for depth and color perception, acuity for either near and far, macular integrity and visual field.
  • Additional responsibilities include educating the patient with proper eye care, proper contact lens handling, care of eyeglasses, repairing and adjusting eyeglasses and assisting clients with selection of frames. Optometrist assistants are responsible in cleaning instruments, maintaining and controlling inventory and assisting in modification and fabrication of contact lens and eyeglasses.
  • Optometric assistant with specialization in administrative and clerical duties are responsible in answering telephones, filing and updating patient records, , completing insurance an billing forms, greeting patients, handling billing and scheduling appointments.
  • An optometric assistant teach patients proper ways in dressing the eye and proper removal and insertion of contact lenses. They should also maintain a clean examination room and keep eye equipments clean and organized.

Condition of Work

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, optometrist assistants mostly work in a clean office or a clean clinic environment and usually interact with various people regularly. Optometric assistants are required to be properly groomed and have great skills in communication.

Educational Requirement

In order to become an optometric assistant, a GED or a high school diploma is essential. Some employers prefer candidates who obtain a course as an optometrist assistant or technician from any accredited schools. An associate degree which usually lasts for 2 years is also required for those who aspire to become an optometrist technician.

Occupation and Progress

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in United States projected that job prospects for optometric assistants is among the fastest growing careers throughout 2008 to 2018. A The salary range for an optometric assistant is about $28,300 per annum.

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