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Quality Manager Job Description

The Quality Manager operates a real estate office, or works for commercial real estate firms.

The Primary Objectives of a Quality Manager:

  • The Quality Manager primary objective is to manage the daily activities of the factory floors.
  • The Quality Manager primary objective is to train engineers and operators.
  • The Quality Manager primary objective is act as liaison between suppliers and customers.

The Quality manager has the responsibility to direct all the activities of the quality engineers and technicians in measuring the main quality characteristics of a particular process from the wait times of call center to weld the integrity.

The Quality manager is accountable for the selection of the projects and instructs the quality engineers to work with the improvement of the current quality of the process. The Quality manager trains the staff through updated work instructions as well as new techniques in problem-solving. The Quality manager acts as the conduit between management to operations. Customer complaints regarding the quality of the final product are directed through the Quality manager.

The Quality manager promotes the quality accomplishment and performance development all through the organization. Quality manager also develops, implements, communicates and maintains a quality plan that will bring the quality systems and policies comply with quality system requirements. The Quality manager effectively interacts with the production as well as development teams in maintaining the product supply and also helps in introducing new products.

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