Snack Steward Job Description

A Snack Steward is the one who is in charge of serving snacks to customers in various restaurants.

This person can be male or female but it is usally referred to as a male job. There are various stations where a snack steward can be assigned to like tables and the like that they are supposed to manage.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Snack Steward job duties and responsibilities are alike with that of a bar staff and or a waiter or a waitress and it is as follows:

  • Give constant attention to the guests.
  • Refill cups and glasses.
  • Offer menus to the guests.
  • Offer options when it comes to the meals being offered at a particular restuarant.
  • Bring the customer’s Snack to the tables.
  • Collect payments from the customers.
  • Prepare tables, then clean the dishes.
  • Set the table, as well as fill the salt and pepper containers
  • Keep a net and pleasant appearance.

Skills and Specifications

Here are some skills required of a snack steward to fit and be qualified for the job:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Pleasant personality.
  • Good listener.
  • Knowledgeable on Snack .

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