Actor Job Description

The job of an Actor requires unusual talent and years of training and study. The Actor finds that this profession offers a minimum of security and is physically and intellectually demanding.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Actor (Actress) strives to get parts on television and live on stage.

  • The Actor (Actress) must get a good education and be familiar with all sorts of literary works.

  • The Actor (Actress) must be multi-talented able to do many different functions.

  • The Actor (Actress) is called upon to do strenuous activities and stunts.

The Actor strives to become a star realizing that they may never reach that goal but still are contented to be able to find study employment in their field. Some Actors work in local and regional acting companies, appear in commercial or industrial shows, and narrate films, read stories or plays for audio books. In some cases they manage to get minor parts in movies hoping to be recognized for their talents and possible promoted to more important parts. Many Actors find that they are highly successful in television serials or commercials. Acting in a television serial is a great step up to the possibility of becoming given parts in movies that lead to stardom. That is the goal of most Actors to be recognized for their talent and becoming a movie star.

The field of acting can lead to other types of positions as many Actors become dramatic coaches, directors, or acting teachers in schools, colleges and local theater groups. Many great Actors change their field and go into producing or directing movies. The famed Ronald Howard for instance was known as Opie on “The Andy Griffin Show” and starred as a teen in “Happy Days” is now one of Hollywood’s best directors. There are many Actors like Mr. Howard who change their profession as an Actor to that of becoming a producer or director. While there are a few producers and directors who become Actors there are many Actors who become producers and directors.

Since there are no guarantees that a person can become an Actor overnight often the Actor works at a regular job while seeking a part in a play or movie. Some Actors become understudies to the stars so if something happens to the star they can take their place for that performance. It is very handy sometimes for an Actor to look similar to a particular star it makes it much easier for them to get the job as their understudy. While the understudy does not make the kind of money that the starring Actor does they still make a very good income.

In order for an Actor to become a success it takes a lot of hard work, self-discipline, patient and determination. The Actors who do reach stardom usually have some special quality or talent that enables them to convenience the audience that they are the character that they are portraying. The ability to convenience the audience that they are the character that they are portraying is what helps them to become the star that they want to become. It is not always easy for an Actor who has been noted as a certain character to change roles. Many times when an Actor has become stereotyped as the “bad guy” in a role then later to become the “good guy” character is hard for the audience to accept and believe. That is why an Actor in most cases knows that they had be very careful in the role that they play if they want to be able to find good acting positions. Playing the part of the “bad guy” is not all that bad for many Actors have become famous for that type of role. Since certain Actors are so convincing in the role of being the “bad guy” character then producer will look to them when they need that type of character. Just like the comedian who is famous for their role as being funny it is hard for them to get a serious or dramatic part in a movie. Everyone thinks of them as the “funny man” and becoming a serious character takes a very rare talented Actor. The Actor must endure some hardships and work long hours at times doing rehearsals and taking classes to help them learn things like dancing or playing an instrument. Many Actors take voice classes and often take classes to learn different techniques in role playing. The work is long and hard but the successful Actor finds it very rewarding.

Degrees and Training to Become an Actor

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