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Art Director Job Description

An Art Director can receive income from $41,670 to $160,060, depending on the type of function an Art Director has. If someone is planning to pursue this profession you may consider preparing your creativity (the bolder the better) and technological information of production for the reason that the competition in this field is so stiff.

What is an art Director?

An Art Directors are the visionary ones behind a variety of job function in films, advertisements, publishing, television, Internet, and video games. They are the ones who motivate the consumers with their visuals and artistic styles through translating the desired moods/appeals, perception, communication. They supervise the campaigns, production of films or television, the art in photography and they work on the thoughts used for the segments and pages of publications.

Duties of an Art Director

Art Director must have uniqueness, excellent writing and verbal communications, outstanding opinions and visual judgment.

They prepare some particular materials, essential sketch designs and presentation, background information, videos, sounds, prints, graphics animation, budgets, and do the final choices connecting to visual presentation.

Art Director conceptualizes, helps with the design and evaluates the final layouts of printed copy and art materials for the approval of clients.

They employ and instruct employees who to develop with the idea of design and prepare art layouts for printing.

Art Directors prepares detailed storyboards showing sequence, and timing of story development for television production.

Condition of Work of an Art Director

An Art Director can work with a job functions in publications (such as newspapers books, magazines) advertisement (commercials, TV Ad campaigns), production in films, music videos or television.

In some circumstances this profession can be stressful particularly in advertising and filming.

They must make sure that they always have computers, sketch pads and pens, whiteboards, televisions and video equipments.

Educational Requirements of an Art Director

Majority of becoming an Art Director must have a bachelor’s degree specializing in advertising, art and design. However, you can also consider this fields that can have an impact of becoming an Art Director such as Sales and Marketing, Administration and Management, Computers and Electronics, and Communications and Media.

After finishing a degree, graduates frequently gain experience (this is the most important element to become an Art Director) in entry level job as an internet specialist in advertising agency or they begin in graphic design or photography, business, working on documentary, industrial, educational, or government films or in the music video industry, publishing, design, and films/television, production firms and then move ahead through the positions of becoming an art director.

Occupation and Progress of an Art Director

With a great talent an Art Director may have numerous of companies be able to employ him and may have various of benefits ahead of him/her, but some other Art Directors choose to be a freelancer.

In order to withstand and stay longer in this field an individual must have capabilities that include creativity and originality, leadership, must have an excellent judgment and decision making, outstanding written understanding and verbal communications.

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