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Digital Video Cameraman Job Description

A digital video cameraman works in the print and film industries, creatively employing techniques to make digital movies using digital video cameras. They usually work in a studio or outdoors, and takes instructions from a director or cinematographer for the movie.

Nature of Work

The cameraman or camera operator is expected to interpret the director’s instructions in capturing the scene to be incorporated into the finished movie. There are several responsibilities that the digital video cameraman must assume. One of them is assembling camera equipment before and after shooting scenes, such as monitors, tripods, cables and lighting gears. He or she can also be asked by the film’s creative team, especially by the director or cinematographer for advice on how to shoot the scene in the best manner for the benefit of the viewers. The camera operator’s creativity and ability to plan the needed shots can greatly help move the story and at the same time help the producers save money specially on scenes requiring massive props and technical preparations such as explosions and car crashes for an action movie.


A digital video camera operator has to be an individual who possess high technical and creative knowledge. They will be working with various types of people in large groups so they must enjoy working in a highly competitive environment. They should have excellent communications skills and a high degree of understanding to be able to execute the instructions given by the director. He or she should have the ability to focus on the work at hand, have updated knowledge of new digital video techniques and equipment, including working knowledge of repairing camera equipment.
Being a digital video camera operator doesn’t require specific educational degrees but on the job experience is highly needed to ensure success in this field. Film schools however have opened courses on digital video moviemaking and camera operating techniques. Taking these courses can help would-be camera operators get their feet inside the industry.

Degrees and Training to Become a Digital Video Cameraman

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