Film Cameraman Job Description

by Publishing Team on September 6, 2010

A Film Cameraman is an expert camera operator who employs a variety of film techniques using digital, electronic, and film cameras. A Film Cameraman is chiefly guided by a director or director of photography who expects them to interpret his instructions with the intent of making a movie or capturing still photos.

Tasks of a Film Cameraman

  • The Film Cameraman assembles camera equipment, which include tripods, monitors, lighting, cables, headphones
  • The Film Cameraman provides insights and advices on how to best capture a shot or make a shot work for the benefit of the audience
  • The Film Cameraman should be creative, innovative, experimental, and has the ability to plan shots down to the second
  • The Film Cameraman rehearses and choreographs scenes before the actual shoot
  • The Film Cameraman study film scripts to effectively plan for the shots to be taken
  • The Film Cameraman fixes or solves technical or practical problems that arises during shoot
  • The Film Cameraman should have a good timing in capturing important actions, movements or scenes
  • The Film Cameraman practices camera moves required for pre-arranged shots
  • The Film Cameraman is responsible for maintenance and repair of equipment
  • The Film Cameraman drives crew, actors and equipment to and from shooting locations
  • The Film Cameraman is always conscious of the health and safety issues

Degrees and Training to Become a Film Cameraman

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