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Junior Art Director Job Description

Do you want to work in an environment where art and beauty is highly appreciated? Do you want to be in a career where you can express your creative ideas? Then try being a Junior Art Director. This can be a very challenging and moving career. This is also one of the highest paid jobs in the advertising industry.

Read through some of the vital information you should know to become a Junior Art Director.

What is a Junior Art Director?

A Junior Art Director is the one who assist in planning and executing art design and other visual materials in advertisements, books, websites and magazines. Together with the artists and designers, they make reports to the main art director and do task on visual projects.

Duties of a Junior Art Director

  • A Junior Art Director may be tasked to make layout designs or presentations. They identify material details like their style, type, graphics, video, photographs and videos. They assess and grant art materials that were made by staff members.
  • Junior Art Directors discuss presentation concepts and client requirements with the creative or production department heads. They train and assist members of the staff to make design concepts into layouts.
  • Together with Creative Directors this Junior Art Director develops design solutions. They re-evaluate materials to make sure that it matches the standards and requirements set by the company. Junior Art Director also goes during photo shoots and printing to make sure that they get the needed product.
  • Junior Art Director completes layout and write instructions to prepare materials for printing. They talk with the printers to know what services to be performed. They conceptualize designs for different products.

Work Condition of a Junior Art Director

Junior Art Directors work in advertising and publishing agencies. They always work under pressure since they will always have to meet deadlines, deliver the layouts to the printer, or TV Commercials that should be filmed in the soonest possible time. They can work both in the office and got to different departments and meet clients outside the office.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Art Director

To have the position as a Junior Art Director one must at least have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. They should have enough training regarding graphic design like layout and photography. They can also attend in art school to have the appropriate training but they have to present a portfolio of their best art works to be admitted.

Occupation & Progress of a Junior Art Director

The advertising industry reflects the current situation of the economy. There are great competitions for this position and it is expected that there is an average increase in the demand for this career in the next years. But it would be an advantage if one has the abilities and experience.

A Junior Art Director can progress to become a Senior Art Director or an Art Supervisor to look after other Art Directors. They can also become a President of an advertising firm or become a creative director.

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