Landscape Architect Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 14, 2011

If you love to create various artworks in beautifying outdoors, learning more about the landscape architect’s job description is something to consider. Landscape architecture may sound as a simple field of work but it entails huge areas of expertise.

What is a landscape architect?

Landscape architects are professionals that create pleasing outdoors aesthetically with trees, land and other ornamental plants and shrubs. These well-planned sceneries can transform afternoon picnics of community settlers into a delightful one.

Duties of a landscape architect

  • Landscape architects are responsible in planning, designing and managing open spaces which includes both built environments and natural environments.
  • They have the ability in creating innovative surroundings with aesthetically pleasing outdoors for people to relax and enjoy. They make sure that various changes they’ve made with the natural environment are sensitive, appropriate and sustainable.
  • The work of landscape architects include diverse projects in both rural and urban areas such as designing for park layouts, housing estates of the city’s central design, city gardens and improving land areas that are affected by motorway construction and mining.
  • Landscape architects collaborate directly with their landscape contractors including other professionals such as environmentalists, planners, architects and people that work in engineering areas and surveying.

Conditions of work of a landscape architect

Landscape architects work with other professional specialists like zoning experts, engineers and nursery operators in addition to clients and trainees. A career as a landscape designer often requires good communication skills as you interact with lots of people in order to meet the common goal.

Educational Requirements of a landscape architect

  • In order to become a landscape architect, you are required to obtain at least a 4 year degree from any accredited college or university. You can also start to work as an apprentice to any landscape architect to gain work experience. Furthermore, in the United States, candidates are required to have a license in order to work as a landscape architect. Requirements vary from state to state.
  • Once you have accomplished the specific requirements to get the job, you can then look for a work with venture or firm or start as a self-employed landscape architect.

Occupation and Progress of a landscape architect

Having a career title as a landscape architect has a good job market with abundant possibilities as you can work in firms, non-profit or choose to be self-employed. If you love to create beautiful sceneries and useful outdoors areas with soil, plants, decoration and other designs, this could be the perfect career path for you.

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