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Musical Director Job Description

Understanding the different aspects of music and the execution of vocal, together with instrument music, in coming up with a successful production are the responsibilities of the Musical Director.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Musical Director manages the musical performances from the rehearsals up to the actual performance of the group.
  • This type of job of the Musical Director depends on the size of the group he is working with and on the musical to be performed by the group.
  • The Musical Director leads the vocal performances of the group with the help of the vocal director.

The Musical Director must have obtained training with a bachelor’s degree in music. Training with dynamics, phrasing and rhythm is a must for Musical Directors. A Master’s degree in music with specialization in conducting music may also be advantageous for a Musical Director.

The Musical Director leads and teaches songs to the choirs and directs the symphony orchestras. The choice of music the group will be performing and the music arrangement pursuant to the production are also the responsibilities of the Musical Director. Auditions for and recruitment of musicians and singers within the budget allowed by the production are also handled by the Musical Director with the help of the vocal director. The Musical Director schedules the practices of the member, identifies which cast members have to attend the practice, and determines what needs to be accomplished at each practice. Prior the start of each practice, the Musical Director must have already studies the music and he must already know the details of the music so that he can teach it to his casr. The Musical Director is in charge of the musical integrity of the whole production as he is responsible from rehearsals up to the drawing of the final curtain. The Musical Director conducts the players throughout the whole musical performance. If necessary, changes to the score are made by the Musical Director to suit and accommodate the talent and the range of the musicians and the cast. The Musical Director most of the time works with the theater director to work out interpretations of some specific segments of the musical are.

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