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Singer Job Description

The career of a singer is for someone who has the voice and talent to use their skill to entertain.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Singer purpose is to sing songs that will entertain an audience.
  • The Singers purpose is to also provide their voice in background with a lead singer.
  • The Singers also provide their voice in unison with choirs.

The Singer has to have a voice that is very harmonious with a perfect pitch for the type of singing they are about to do. Some Singers voice range very but most have a claim to a particular sound such as a tenor, soprano, contralto, baritone or base. The Singer is able to interpret music by using their knowledge of voice production, melody, harmony and rhythm.

The Singer may perform in a variety of different manners. Some perform as a part of a choral group or choir. Classical Singers performs in concerts or nightclub acts. While many Singers strive to be able to perform in movies, television and radio others are happy to sing in local churches. In order to make money with their voice the Singer usually likes to make CD’s that they can sell to the public. Normally when a Singer had performed in a variety of manners such as on television or at the theatre many times their songs are requested by the public and they can make CD’s for sale.

Many popular Singers perform different types of music such as jazz, rock, blues, folk, ethnic, or country and western. The lead Singers usually make the most money but many are members of a group. When a Singer is part of a quartet they normally all make the same amount of money. It is not uncommon for quartets to be family members singing their songs together. It seems that family members harmonize better together and the general public like to buy their music. You see this type of singing done by professional Singers in the Country Western, Rock n Roll and Gospel fields. Many Gospel Singers are sisters or brothers. Many husband and wife teams use their own children to perform gospel music in their local churches until they decide to expand and go professional. These Singers make many recordings of the old fashion gospel songs and are sold to the public.

Many country and western Singers perform together as family members both singing and playing their musical instruments. Such families as the Carter Family, Mandrel Sisters, Statler Brothers and others have pioneered the field as professional Singers who are family and of course formed their own quartets. Many of these famous Singers also play musical instruments. There are some of course who prefer to have a band behind them and only work as the Singers. Then there are Rock n Roll Singers who have worked solo or as duo Singers. Such Singers as the Everly Brothers have shown their capabilities to perform together and set the path for other sister or brother acts.

There are Singers in the past that got their fame by performing with bands or orchestras. One of the most famous groups of Singers today was the people who sang with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. These people have worked hard as Singers who entertain people worldwide over a sixty year time period. There are other famous Singers who got their start from singing with famous bands but branched out on their own to become solo acts. The field of singing is vast and according to your capabilities you can have a rich rewarding career as a Professional Singer.

Many people who are Singers do not like the travel and hard work required to become highly successful and prefers to use their talents locally. Many of these Singers are teachers who teach in schools and colleges. Some Singers teach privately in their own home or a studio in order to help others who wish to become a professional Singer. Many of the professional Singers have used private music teachers who taught singing to help advance their careers. A good voice along with a strong musical sense is the most required things for a Singer. Many Singers like to have training by a professional voice trainer. Many good Singers start out by singing in their local church or in their school choirs.

Degrees and Training to Become a Singer

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