Babysitter Job Description

There are different types of babysitters and each one has a different approach when it comes to taking care of children.

Some babysitters are tasked to simply play and have fun with the kid they are taking care of. Some babysitter may be assigned to simply clean, bathe, and make sure that the things of the kid is well fixed at all times. Other babysitters may only be hired simply to bring or accompany the kid back and forth from the school to the home and to whatever class he or she may need to attend after school hours.


  • A baby sitter is tasked mainly by the parents to watch over the kids while at work.
  • The baby sitter is responsible for ensuring that the welfare of the kid is not harmed at all times.
  • The baby sitter should never forget schedules especially those that have to do with feeding and school.
  • The baby sitter is tasked to report daily whereabouts in relation to the kid being cared for.
  • The baby sitter is also tasked to provide peace of mind to the parents while they are at work.

Degrees and Training to Become a Babysitter

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