Doctor’s Aide Job Description

by Publishing Team on January 17, 2011

The doctor’s aide performs important clerical and preventive tasks under the supervision of doctors.


  • The doctor’s aide helps doctors who examine and treat patients.
  • They check the height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure of each patient.
  • They write down patients’ medical histories and run simple laboratory tests.
  • They answer patients’ questions about medicines and treatment at home.
  • They buy and maintain medical equipment and furniture for the doctor’s office.
  • They act as office managers.
  • They plan the doctor’s schedule, greet patients, file records and correspondence, and type letters and bills.
  • They keep medical records up to date and handle tax and insurance forms.
  • They arrange for laboratory tests or for a patient’s admission to the hospital as per doctor’s request.
  • They help physicians by performing administrative duties and handling basic clinical tasks.
  • They work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical clinics, helping to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.
  • They do patient and laboratory work exclusively.
  • They handle medical records, bookkeeping, and answering phones.


  • The doctor’s aide must have the ability to provide counseling
    They must be able to communicate with patients effectively, the ability to speak English and other languages, advanced reading and writing skills.
  • They should be inclined in critical thinking and deductive reasoning.


  • The doctor’s aide often needs a two-year degree from a doctor’s assistant program to be able to work in the medical field.
  • They may also have bachelor’s degree in another field, such as biochemistry, pathology, clinical medicine or clinical pharmacology, before going into a physician assistant program.
  • They need to have advanced knowledge of biological and chemical principles.

Degrees and Training to Become a Doctor’s Aide

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