Document Control Clerk Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 18, 2011

Many of us have a childhood dream of having a job in the office, doing some paper work, wearing clothes that make us look like an executive, and getting comfortable with our own sit and table. It is like a luxurious job but unconsciously, we dream about it because it looks easy. But it is more tedious than we could ever think. It demands more skills and brains.

What is a Document Control Clerk?

Document Control Clerk is responsible for fixing all the documents in a corporation. It might be from simple request letter to important statement of accounts, fax, email or from courier service. He is responsible also for creating a system of filing all documents that is coming in and out on the company. This includes the labeling of files people are working on.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Document Control Clerk

  • He is responsible for organizing all files including the old ones for proper storage. Making sure that its property and confidentiality is still protected even years of keeping.
  • He is also responsible for reproducing needed documents for all staff.
  • He is handling the distribution of those documents.
  • He also scans and proofreads the papers before distributing it.
  • He codes and labels all files for easy monitoring and tracing of documents.
  • He orders all needed materials that needs in labeling and even is reproducing.
  • He is responsible for receiving all mails in the office.

Skills and Qualifications of a Document Control Clerk

  • He must have attention to detail. And has good memory for monitoring and tracking old documents. He must also be well organized as his job demands him to be.
  • He must have good communication skills, not only verbal but also in written, in order, to deliver the documents well.
  • He must know how to coordinate with the people surrounding him, especially for those who deliver mainly the documents.
  • He must be computer literate and know how to use Microsoft Office.

Educational Background of a Document Control Clerk

Depending on the company you are working on, this career will best be given to those who have a Bachelor’s degree. However, some also prefer High School graduates who has skills and knowledge of proper documenting of files.

Working Conditions of a Document Control Clerk

Document Control Clerk usually works out of a small office and has access to the storage room of the company. His room has lot of organizers and boxes to handle files and for its easy delivery. Self-employment is rare for this kind of job and travel is not really necessary. He works at least 5 days a week and 8 hours a day depending on the kind of company he is working with.

Occupation and Progress of a Document Control Clerk

This job is declining nowadays since some employers assigns this work for their other employees making it cheaper for them than to hire manpower. And also one factor is that the computer industry is on its peak making it easier for people to access and retrieve to the documents in the office. However, despite of all this, a Document Control Clerk can excel in some areas or departments wherein their presence is important like those in government offices, hospitals and police departments. In these areas, the proper handling and retrieval of important files is handled strictly by a Document Control Clerk.

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