Human Resource Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 16, 2010

Human Resources Assistants are responsible for assisting management with the daily operations of the human resources department. They perform specific duties in training and development, employee relations, organizational development, benefits and compensation.

They compile and maintain employee records and provide information needed by authorized persons when necessary.

Nature of Work

Human resources assistants prepare and post ads for job openings, screen applicants, arrange interviews, participate in the selection process for the appropriate candidate, and administer pre-employment exams. They inform job applicants whether their application has been accepted or rejected. They provide overall support to company administration through different functions such as preparing forms and reports, composing regular and special correspondence, arranging and coordinating meetings with management and staff, processing and maintaining confidential documents, and other duties as assigned by the HR manager. They interpret, assist and advise company employees about benefit administration and leave management. HR assistants research and prepare documents needed by newly hired employees. They maintain, control and secure confidential and sensitive records such as personnel recruitment records, organizational changes and employee relations. They administer and monitor orientation for new hires, including employee benefits and salary records. They make sure that employee records are current by updating employee status regularly and on time. HR assistants help in monitoring procedures for performance appraisals. In the absence of the HR manager, they handle issues and inquiries, supply information to job applicants, employees, and department heads.


Most employers prefer to hire HR assistants have high school diploma or GED. Employers usually provide on the job training. Those who have courses in bookkeeping, general mathematics, basic computer applications such as word processing and database management will have an advantage. Human resources assistants should a high level of problem-solving skills, have in depth knowledge of the recruitment process, and be able to deliver results on time. They should also possess excellent verbal and written communication, and interpersonal skills.

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