Human Resource Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on October 5, 2010

The human resource assistants provide a comprehensive administrative support to day-to-day operations of human resources ensuring the efficient delivery of salary payments, salary adjustments, recruitment processes, and the accuracy of employee data records.

The human resource assistants liaises closely with human resources department, finance and accounts department and other departments throughout the organization providing a customer focused and effective human resource support service to the organization to achieve the organization goals and objectives.

The Human Resource Assistants must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The human resource assistants prepare and post job advertisements, screening applications, arranging interviews, participating in selection process, and administering pre-employment tests as required.
  • They provide general administrative support such as preparing correspondence, forms and reports, arranging meetings, composing regular correspondence, processing confidential reports and documents, filing electronic and hard copy, tracking deadlines, and taking down minutes as needed.
  • They establish, maintain and control personnel, employees, recruitment relations records, files, correspondence, reports, and organization charts.
  • They manage sensitive and confidential matters like personnel relations, employee relations, and organizational changes, planning and protecting the security of information, data and files.
  • They conduct research, gather data and statistical reports, and maintain statistical information.
  • They keep up current issues and matters in the organization related to HR department.
  • They administer and monitor new hire orientation programs.
  • They handle issues and inquire in unavailability of HR Manager.
  • They maintain and monitor records of exempt employee benefits and salary.
  • They maintain employee file records up-to-date by handling changes in employee status in timely manner.
  • They ensure effective reception or proper approvals on forms and enter changes in the system.
  • They provide assistance in hiring process activities such as posting jobs on job board or website, reviewing applications and maintaining a spreadsheet on tracking an applicant.

Skills and Knowledge the Human Resource Assistants should possess:

  • The human resource assistants must be effective in problem-solving skills.
  • They have knowledge of recruitment process.
  • They have competent keyboard skills to produce accurate and well presented reports.
  • They are able to present information in forms, tables, and spreadsheets.
  • They should be an effectual communicator verbally as well as through writing skills.
  • They should be committed to diversity and equality culture.
  • They have the ability to operate under immense pressure.
  • They must be proficient with basic budget management and calculations.
  • They must be able to deliver effective results, meet tight deadlines and targets.

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