Kitchen Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 26, 2011

To have a good and progressive business like restaurants and caterings, you should have skilled workers. Inside the kitchen it consists of specialized people. These people are assigned to these fields where they are good at. We can see a cook or a chef which is one of the most important members of the team. A chef or a cook alone cannot grasp the problems and responsibilities inside the kitchen. They need someone who can help them, we called them Kitchen Assistant.

What is a Kitchen Assistant?

A Kitchen Assistant is a person who helps the cook or a chef. To make the work of the chef lighter, the Kitchen Assistant is the one who is responsible for doing the things when the chef becomes busy. A chef and the Kitchen Assistant go together, without the other partner they cannot do good service. An assistant has its own boundary in terms of work. They are only the one who helps and follows duties assigned by them.

Duties of a Kitchen Assistant

  • Kitchen Assistant can help in preparing the activities like food preparation or organizing the tables.
  • They are also responsible for labeling, covering and storing foods inside the kitchen to prevent it from poison or contamination.
  • They also help in cleaning inside the kitchen. Keeping the materials in order and the foods in the proper places.
  • They perform what their manager or the chef has given to them.
  • Also, a Kitchen Assistant is responsible for keeping the storeroom clean and foods away from contamination.

Work Condition of a Kitchen Assistant

  • A Kitchen Assistant works inside the kitchen. They perform or follow what the chef told them to do. They are not allowed to cook until the chef tells them to do so.
  • They must have the good communication skills in doing their profession.
  • This job requires a person who is dependable.
  • A Kitchen Assistant must have a proper hygiene. This will affect the vision of the costumer towards their work.
  • They must be flexible in doing the task that the chef has given to them.
  • Lastly, a Kitchen Assistant must have the initiative in doing works inside the kitchen. They must not always be reminded of their duties. Focus is also a must.

Educational Requirements of a Kitchen Assistant

  • To become a Kitchen Assistant it does not require a bachelor degree holder but you must be a graduate in secondary education.
  • You must have the knowledge of the things that you would be mingling inside the kitchen.
  • Knowledge in different kinds of kitchen utensils and foods is required.

Occupation and Progress of a Kitchen Assistant

In this kind of profession, it really needs a person who is qualified to be in this field. Also, someone who loves to help in kitchen stuffs like mixing, pouring and slicing. It needs passion and dedication.

A good Kitchen Assistant helps in little things inside the kitchen but it is actually a really big thing to a chef. Without them a restaurant or catering business will be unprogressive and have poor service. The success of it lies in the cooperation and hard work of the loyal workers.

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