Legal Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on October 8, 2010

The legal assistants assist a lawyer and help him with legal services. They research old cases, investigate facts related to current case, prepare legal documents and provide suggestions related to current proceedings.

They have to review the case records, gather necessary data and update the case progress. They may give oral presentations and also prepares case reports.

The Legal Assistants must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The legal assistants prepare legal documents, which include, wills, contracts, appeals, closings, and many others.
  • They monitor legal volumes and make sure that the law library is up-to-date.
  • They update legal publications and work for up-gradation of the law library.
  • They prepare letters for yearly audits.
  • They prepare annual or quarterly reports.
  • They attend the executions of wills, real estate closings, depositions and court trials with the lawyer.
  • They make use of computers for researching, entering data and preparing reports.
  • They analyze the available data and suggest some of the best solutions to solve a problem or case.
  • They open new claim files, preparing accounting information, keeping accounting advised of new claims, maintaining the filing system, preparing pleadings binder.
  • They provide word processing support to the department, and completing various duties as assigned including screening and distributing incoming mail, responding where appropriate.
  • They prepare affidavits of documents, releases, and other legal documents, as requested.
  • They maintain confidentiality of the legal department.


  • The legal assistants must have been a high school graduate with at least five (5) years of secretarial and/or clerical work experience with a good grasp of Math and English (including spelling, grammar and punctuation).
  • They must be knowledgeable and proficient in using personal computer.
  • They should have the ability to perform secretarial and clerical duties with deliberate speed and accuracy without immediate and constant supervision.
  • They should have the ability to exercise good judgment in recognizing scope of authority and protecting confidential information is a must.

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