Occupational Therapist Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 27, 2011

Every one needs some therapy to soothe their emotional or physical stresses. That is why occupational therapist assistants are needed. Want to know what services they can offer? Here is the nature of work of occupational therapist assistants.

What is Occupational Therapist Assistant?

Occupational therapist assistants who are also known as occupational therapy assistants are people who offer therapeutic services to patient who are suffering from emotional, physical and developmental problems. They are supervised by occupational therapist. They work usually in the hospitals but some an offer their services to home for the aged, clinics and other institutions. They offer exercises and activities that may help their patients and ensure that their activities are part of treatment plan done by their occupational therapist. They too order the needed supplies and equipments for their patients. And they write reports regarding the progress of their patients and perform other clerical work too.

Duties of a Occupational Therapist Assistant

Occupational Therapist Assistant offers the following tasks with the supervision of occupational therapist:

  1. Assist Client: They help their patients by making sure that the treatment plan outlined by the occupational therapist is followed. They usually accompany their patients throughout the therapy process. They encourage their patients and even teach them the proper therapy procedure. They will document every improvement that their clients are performing and even handle their insurance billing.
  2. Perform Inventory: They order supplies and other equipments needed for the therapy. They need to perform inventory work daily, weekly or monthly basis to make sure that supplies never runs out. And part of this task is to organize the bills incurred in purchasing the supplies.
  3. Other Clerical Duties: They need to complete paperwork that entails the improvement records of their clients. They need to write clear and concise reports. Other clerical duties that they need to do are answering the telephone calls, scheduling and answering the needs of their clients.

Work Condition of a Occupational Therapist Assistant

An occupational therapist assistants works in a hospital or clinic setting and may required to work 40 hours per week. They may work also during the weekend and at night when needed. They make sure that the workshop area are nicely decorated and well maintained. They should be friendly, patient and understanding towards their patients and above all enjoy extending help to others.

Educational Requirements of a Occupational Therapist Assistant

To become a Occupational Therapist Assistant one is required to have a school diploma and school training regarding health, science and crafts courses. They too need to have an experience in summer camps or hospital work. There are trainings offered by colleges and other vocational schools for occupational therapist. The programs offered by these schools usually last for two years and then offer a certification afterwards. They too can take the accredited program and pass the test offered by the American Occupational Therapy Association so they become a certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA).

Occupation and Progress of a Occupational Therapist Assistant

Occupational Therapist Assistant can become supervisors in large hospitals and clinics if assistants do well in their work. If they got a lot of training, pass the examination and become certified then they can further their career as a registered occupational therapist (OTR). It has been projected that occupational therapist assistants career will be needed more until 2014. This is to the increasing demand of people who are disabled, aged and need to have a rehabilitation services. Their salary varies depending on their work, education and experience. It has been projected that the average salary of occupational therapist assistant is around $38,430 annually.

If you love to offer therapeutic care and services to patients then you can become an occupational therapist assistant.

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