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Key Account Executive Job Description

Key account executive is a bridge between a client and a company, providing solutions for the clients. The service may come in a form of information or specific products. On this article you will read more about the requirements and duties of a key account executive.

What is a key account executive?

Key account manager executive has different clients depending on the type of the organization; sometimes the key account executive preserves the business and generates new business. Their main goal is to create credibility and strong and lasting relationship with their clients. Key account executive is also responsible for the client’s specific needs and solutions and the solutions may come in a form of information or certain product.

Duties of a key account executive

Key account executive is highly important for companies because the key account executive is the key contact for all the company’s account that is worth significant amount of money.

  • Key account executive is responsible for finding new strategies and analyze business trends
  • Manage objectives and plans through internal associates
  • Develop relationships and gain client’s trust
  • Assists assortment analysis
  • Analyze business situation
  • Select products that will fit best the particular client.
  • Making and closing sales
  • Answer questions and technical issues to complete satisfaction on all their accounts.
  • Make calls every month to offset possible attrition among the company’s account.
  • Key account executive have to meet their quota on time
  • Proactively conduct account reviews
  • Review service needs and usage
  • Identify products and pricing that will suit the costumer’s needs
  • Conduct review and credits
  • Responsible for managing, supporting, and servicing account

Work Condition of a key account executive

Most of the time key account executive spends their time talking with clients either on the phone or in person. There are some key account executive positions that are exclusively telephone based or costumer site based, but mostly it is a combination of these 2.

A working condition of a key account executive is demanding and fast paced. Some key account executive work in public relations department as part of the human relation team. Some have to travel from place to place to meet with clients or costumers.

A key account executive receives an average salary between $56,000 to $79,00. The salary depends on the size and location of the company. In other cases a key account executive may get bonuses.

Educational Requirements of a key account executive

Most companies hire candidates with minimum bachelor degrees in marketing, business management and related work experience of at least 1 year. Some companies may require 5 years of experience in marketing position or sales, while other companies prefer post graduate degree and account management experience. All companies need key account executive to deal with their financial and costumer issues.

Skill requirements of a key account executive

Besides the educational background most companies also look for candidates to hire with great personal skills such as negotiation skills, presentation skills, communication skills both verbal and oral. A key account executive must be well organized and able to interpret relevant insights from various resources.

A great key account executive must transform the clients need into a realistic project for the company. So there is a strong need to be focused and independent.

Occupation and Progress of a key account executive

Key account executive can earn benefits in addition to their level of knowledge and get promoted. The promotion progress can depend on ones performance in the company’s accounts and can increase by 13 percent.

Key account executive can in the promotion section of the advertising company, public relations departments, marketing, sales department, and human resources team. If you have extra ordinary skills in costumer service and ability to build strong business relationship with costumers you can easily get promoted.

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