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KYC Analyst Job Description

When it comes to financing business there are different kinds of positions. Like the manager who manages the company. The supervisor who supervises the workers. Also the accountant, clerk, book keeper, messenger and kyc analyst. Those people should really know the risk management so they should be positive thinker all the time.

What is a KYC Analyst?

Also what we call know your costumer analyst. This person is the responsible giving identification screening for new clients in their company. This job is really a multi-tasking. The jobholder is also responsible for the delivery of high standards services for the clients and all the internal and external requirements are met in complete.

Duties of a KYC Analyst

  • Kyc analyst is a multi-tasking job so the person in this job should know how to prioritize things and know how to balance his/her time.
  • He/she should know how to communicate and deal with other companies to gain more buyers in different countries/ cities.
  • This person must complete all the assignments that has given to him/her and should pass in a timely manner.
  • Kyc analyst must have an understanding in risk management and in communication skills in oral and writing.
  • He/she is the one who maintains detailed records on clients and knows how to analyze the client data.
  • Kyc analyst is responsible for ensuring and reviewing all the KYC requirements for the new clients in the company and this person produces a write up review of the clients in the system.

Work Condition of a KYC Analyst

  • Mostly kyc analyst works in a bank companies.
  • Being a KYC analyst is a multi tasking work so the analyst should be workaholic and has the determination to work harder.
  • He/she should take the risk and has a self confidence in every decisions he/she make.
  • KYC analyst must balance her/his schedules in work.
  • This person should be a hard working or has a Strong Work Ethic and find a creative solution to those challenges that he/she encountered in the company. Should think positive and have a positive attitude to the clients.
  • He/she must have an interpersonal skills. It can help you to convince people into your company. Also you must be clean and neat person it is one of the most important rule as a worker.
  • Lastly, a KYC analyst must be computer literate. This is important it helps them to make there work fast.

Educational Requirements of a KYC Analyst

  • To be able to be qualified as a KYC Analyst, he/she should graduate a bachelor degree. Courses that are related to the job of KYC Analyst. Or you must have a more than one year experience in other companies that are related to financing business.
  • The worker should have a more than one year experience using the microsoft office such as excel, word and PowerPoint.

Occupation and Progress of a KYC Analyst

Being a KYC Analyst is really a multi-tasking job. It really requires a hard working person to be a kyc analyst. Positive attitude to the clients. Must good in communicating other people because good communication skill reflects to the company.

Always remember that success only depends on your attitude. The best way to climb the ladder of success is to have the determination and be enthusiastic for what you are doing.

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