Logistics Manager Job Description

Business transactions nowadays are made faster and easier because of improved logistic services. Many of the products from thousands of miles away could already reach destinations which people only dreamed of ten years ago.

What is a Logistics Manager?

A Logistics Manager supervises the organization of movement of goods or stocks from customers to other contractors or merchants.

Duties of a Logistics Manager

  • A Logistics Manager is responsible for employing and assigning personnel and workers to facilitate coordination of transfers of goods or stocks. He is the over all supervisor in terms of managing the inventory of stocks or goods on hand.
  • A Logistics Manager is responsible for training employees on the process and system of transferring the goods and stocks from one location to another. He is responsible in maintaining a feedback system to improve an employee’s efficiency at work including facilitating scheduled performance appraisals.
  • A Logistics Manager is responsible for over all supervision of operations among employees and support to clients.
  • A Logistics Manager determines the specific needs and requirements of his client in terms of identifying solutions applicable to the situation at hand. He consults with the clients as well as discusses the distribution set-up and arrangement to ensure safety and on-time transfer and delivery of goods.
  • A Logistics Manager is responsible for total customer care and satisfaction in terms of services provided. He is also responsible in maintaining good business relationships with internal and external customers.
  • A Logistics Manager is responsible in modifying design and applying operational changes to better serve customers and facilitate a more efficient process.
  • A Logistics Manager ensures complete understanding and knowledge of the system and processes of logistics by the clients.

Work condition of a Logistics Manager

  • A Logistics Manager should work closely where his assigned workplace is. He leads a group of employees tasked to complete transfers and delivery. The working environment may be often times deemed as stressful and he must be able to identify quick solutions which may be able to arrest a certain issue or concern that may occur during the course of the operation.
  • A Logistics Manager may work in his won office or occupy an office with the other employees in the office. He may frequent the office and the warehouse because of his supervision duties.
  • He must also have skills in leadership, effective written and oral communication and time management. He must also have a background in financial analysis and an ability to use the computer.

Educational Requirements of a Logistics Manager

A Logistics Manager must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or Industrial Technology.

Occupation and Progress of a Logistics Manager

With the advancement of how the business industry has moved forward, along comes the advancement of operations in terms of logistics and how one completes his business transaction. Time has lead businessmen to offer better goods and services to people who want to complete their transactions in a faster and reliable manner. Being a Logistics Manager allows one to also hone several of his skills because of the positive demands of the job.

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