Gallery Director Job Description

Many people say that if you want to be rich and well-known, you should try venturing into professional careers. Well today, art is becoming a star and jobs under it are becoming more and more professional. From the artifacts that are discovered to the paintings that painters well, paint. Because of this changing trend, you may consider to be a Gallery Director.

Still with me? Great. Let’s tackle more about this artistic yet professional job.

What is a Gallery Director?

A gallery director is someone who sees to it that the gallery is running well and is profitable. A gallery director also maintains the art side of the gallery and improves the business side.

Duties of a Gallery Director

  • A gallery director is in charge to the business side of a company so it also takes charge on everything that uses and receives money. Although sometimes, galleries do have a department for that, it is still under the leadership of a gallery director.
  • Also referred to as somewhat the owners of a gallery, gallery directors are in charge of everything. If there is a department for every side, the gallery director supervises them.
  • It is also the gallery director’s duty to decide what art the gallery should use.
  • A gallery director organizes exhibitions for the display of their art side. It is also their job to market and make profit out of these exhibitions.
  • During exhibitions, a gallery director is responsible for the details of the works to be sold or displayed.
  • A gallery director is also responsible for designing and organizing the catalogue for exhibitions.
  • It is also a duty of a gallery director to search for artists whose works match those of the gallery.
  • It is also important for an exhibition to have exhibitors, so it’s a gallery director’s job to contact these people and negotiate with them.

Work Condition of a Gallery Director

  • Although gallery directors have offices, they often go out to meet with exhibitors, have a meeting or to check the paintings or display.
  • Gallery directors frequently have deadlines to meet in order to successfully hold the exhibition or for the programming of the gallery.

Educational Requirements of a Gallery Director

  • The general requirement for an aspirant is to bear a college degree in art or art history. Most employers though prefer master’s degree on any of these fields.

Occupation and Progress of a Gallery Director

  • Gallery directors work for a gallery and sometimes they collaborate with other art enthusiasts. If one wants to progress in this job, he or she can build a better credit by training and enriching his or her knowledge more. One should well educate his or herself to art in order to be progressive on this job.

Hard work, commitment and passion are the blocks you need to complete your pyramid of success. There is an expectation that employment of artists, gallery directors and curators, will grow higher than average. So if you want to reach that peak of your pyramid, then start climbing now by choosing this artistic career.

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