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by Publishing Team on April 25, 2011

One of the most trending works, especially on petroleum companies, is to become an expert landman with skills. Landmen are often in demand in United States. To become a landman is not easy but having to know about their salary would help you become eager to be have this job.

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What is a landman?

A landman or Petroleum Landman is a person who conducts different services for gas and oil industry. These services include negotiation about mineral privileges, negotiation on business contracts for the exploration and progress of minerals and verifying ownership of mineral.

Duties of a Landman

  • A gas and oil landman works as a filed agent for gas and oil industries who want to have rights to search and study petroleum from a property-owner.
  • Landmen also settles on title to prospective lands, accessibility for leasing and applicable guidelines, purchase interests in potential lands by leasing through the landowners.
  • A landman, also, must be aware of the real estate law, manners, mineral rights and much more. Fro those who don’t have knowledge on these, there are available study handbook that help you understand the terms and conditions in relation to oil and gas agreements.

Work Condition of a Landman

A landman’s duty is to always meet with other person such as land owner or property owner to discuss and negotiate about some agreements that is why good language skills are also needed.

Educational Requirements of a Landman

To become a landman, an applicant must possess a degree from a school or university that is qualified and acknowledged by American Association of Professional Landmen or the AAPL. He must have a certificate on AAPL Certified Petroleum Landman. There are study guidelines for you to help pass the AAPL Test and after passing this AAPL Test, you can become a RL or Registered Landman. After this is to have an on job training in the field of landwork. There are also other people who train their selves as an apprentice for around five years to become one of the Certified Oil and Gas Landman.

Occupation and Progress of a Landman

  • Being a landman is having a profession where in you can earn for living of about one hundred thousand dollars each year and this is for those without past experience.
  • As a landman, you are assigned to have a deal with land owners and if you can communicate well to them, your boss can appreciate your work and you can earn better for living.
  • For those who want to really excel in their work as a Professional Landman, just continue learning and keep abreast of the changing laws.
  • Landman’s salary may also vary depending on your past experiences and on where company you work. In Texas, if you have no past experience, your salary can start on about two hundred dollars a day. For those who have pat experience of about ten years, you make it into four hundred dollars to five hundred dollars a day.

But before this, we must always remember that success depends on our determination and eagerness on whatever field we are interested in.

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