Hotel Housekeeper Job Description

by Publishing Team on October 25, 2010

The Hotel Housekeeper ensures a clean, neat and sanitized hotel room for the guests.

The Primary Objectives of a Hotel Housekeeper:

  • The Hotel Housekeeper primary objective is to keep the rooms of the guests clean all the time.
  • The Hotel Housekeeper primary objective is to do additional cleaning service upon the request of the guests.
  • The Hotel Housekeeper primary objective is to inspect the room of the guests before they check out.

In hotel business, cleanliness is one of the most significant factors wherein it can offer to its guests. The Hotel Housekeeper is the hotel staff that performs cleaning duties in hotel. The Hotel Housekeeper may be given specialized cleaning duties. There are times that the Hotel Housekeeper will work only in the laundry area – e.g. washing, drying, and folding clothes, linens and so on. They also do stocking the linen storage rooms.

There are Hotel Housekeepers that are assigned in cleaning guest rooms. The Hotel Housekeeper must do thorough cleaning after the occupants of that room check out of the hotel. The Hotel Housekeeper uses a large wheeling cart that will hold the supplies such as new and clean linen, bedding, cleansers, and other needed cleaning equipment for the rooms. The Hotel Housekeeper will replace the soiled linen and towels and then restock the soap, tissues, as well as drinking glasses. He/she will disinfect bathroom surfaces, dust and polish the furniture, take away all trash, vacuum the carpet, and wash any uncarpeted floors. The Hotel Housekeeper will have to check everything before leaving the room. The Hotel Housekeeper should report anything that is wrong to that room to their supervisor. The Hotel Housekeeper also sends any articles the guest may have left to the lost-and-found department.

The Hotel Housekeeper also replace busted light bulbs, clean and wash the windows, empty the ashtrays, and clean the hallways and stairs. Some Hotel Housekeeper makes sewing repairs or upholstery of the furniture. Other Hotel Housekeeper does cleaning works in the lobbies, lounges, and conference and banquet rooms.

The Hotel Housekeeper knowledge requirements

  • The Hotel Housekeepers must be responsible for keeping guest rooms clean.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must provide clean linens and beddings, vacuum and remove trash.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must provide extra linen by request.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must perform a meticulous cleaning after the guests checked out of the hotel.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must answer any telephone calls as well as run errands.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must be dependable, consistent and in good health
    The Hotel Housekeepers must replenish all items within the rooms.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must keep an inventory of the food and beverages that the guests consumed and then replenish the refrigerator.
  • The Hotel Housekeepers must perform constant tasks requiring that they are in good physical condition because the works are prone to back strain and injury.

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