Janitorial Services Job Description

Imagine the world without janitors. Surroundings would be full of dirt, lot of garbage around and all things topsy-turvy. Janitors make our surroundings clean. They are responsible for keeping their areas blemished and cleansed. They do the general cleaning, electricity check and even ensuring safety by locking doors and closing lockers. Freeing establishments of hazards is also associated with their job. Janitors can be seen almost everywhere, on schools, homes, establishments, buildings, malls, banks, parks, sidewalks, roads and in every corner where dirt is visible.


  • Mopping and polishing floors, vacuuming dirt
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Keeping furniture and fixtures neat
  • Trimming of lawns and shrubs and spraying of pesticides all over their designated areas
  • Maintaining cleanliness on comfort rooms
  • Updating their supervisors on supplies lacking
  • Assembling decorations for occasions and restoring them after use
  • Ensuring all doors are locked after his/her working hour
  • Checking if all electrical supplies are turned off
  • Keeping laboratory equipments clean and ready to use
  • Shampooing carpets
  • Arranging equipments
  • Cleaning pipes and chimneys
  • Heating, cooling and ventilating repairs
  • Disinfecting urinals
  • Cleaning sinks
  • Throwing of trashes and emptying garbage bags
  • Replacing burnt out light bulbs
  • cleaning of locker rooms
  • scaffolding

During winter seasons they may be :

  • Sweeping or plowing stocked snows on sidewalks, parkways or homes
  • Spreading Snow melting chemicals to fasten removal of snow

Tools Used:

  • Carpet shampooers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Dust pans and soft brooms or broomsticks
  • Snowplows
  • Snow blowers
  • Snow shovels
  • Power tools and hand tools
  • Steam cleaners
  • Mops

Knowledge Requirements:

  • Must acquire knowledge on business and management principles
  • Acquire knowledge on strategic planning
  • An understanding on human resource modelling

Skill Requirements:

  • Good time management
  • Must be attentive and have allotted time for listening to peoples complaints or suggestions
  • Aware of the corrective use of cleaning equipments ( vacuum cleaners for example)
  • Must be good in instructing
  • Making improvements on oneself and on others
  • Can work with little supervision
  • Identifying problems to take corrective actions before serious problems develop

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