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Cleanliness – is the presence of beauty because of the absence of dirt, garbage and any bad smells. In any building, whether it’s a company, corporation or a school, cleanliness must always be maintained and looked after. As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. But in these buildings, professionals have their own work to do; they have paperwork and must meet clients. So, who is there to do the cleaning? Who is there to maintain the hygiene of the building? As the numbers of buildings grow, the opportunities for this job are increasing. Because of this, you may want to consider being a janitress. It may sound unprofessional but it is a decent job.

What is a Janitress?

A janitress is an entity or someone who maintains the cleanliness of a building. They are present in any establishment, school, company or corporation. Their services are always needed to preserve the hygiene of the building.

Duties of a Janitress

  • The main duty of a janitress is to maintain and observe cleanliness in the premises of the building. This includes sweeping, mopping, waxing, scrubbing and disinfecting the floors and stairs, dusting furniture, disinfecting comfort rooms and other utility rooms.
  • A janitress has also the duty of maintaining the security and safety of the building. This means, the janitress has to always check if the doors are securely locked, the lights and faucets are closed and all electrical equipment are plugged out of the socket.
  • A janitress is also responsible for replacing consumable utilities such as toilet paper and towels when they run out.
  • A janitress also has the duty of placing equipment and tools back to their respective places for orderliness.

Work Condition of a Janitress

  • A janitress works full time maintaining the cleanliness of the building. They have their quarters for them to rest on.
  • A janitress uses cleaning tools and equipment all the time. They constantly use brooms, mops, feather dusters and vacuum cleaners to clean the premises.

Educational Requirement of a Janitress

  • In most cases, employers don’t really require educational background; as long as the candidate has excellent housekeeping skills, they are qualified.
  • Employers do prefer candidates that have a high school diploma. This gives them an edge because of their knowledge that was learned from school. They could be assigned to jobs that need computer literacy and some assignments that need a level of education.

Occupation and Progress of a Janitress

Janitresses work in any types of building, whether it is a company, corporation, establishment or a school. If one wants to progress in this job, he or she could have a background in housekeeping to build a better and larger practice on this field.

Always bear in mind that success is not in the job, but it depends on you. If you work hard and commit yourself to your job, you will see the light of success in no time. Although the progression in this job is not as fast as any professional job, this can be a good beginning. So start your journey on the road to success by choosing this career.

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