MDS Coordinator Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 25, 2011

In a medical facility, proper documentation and report is essential. One of the most challenging career jobs in sorting documents within the hospital setting is becoming a MDS coordinator or minimum data set coordinator.

What is a MDS coordinator?

MDS stands for Minimum Data Set. MDS coordinators maintain records of patients and make sure that the documents adhere to both federal and state regulations. They also work closely with administrative and medical staff so as to keep patient records up-to-date and mostly handle the resident assessment instrument or RAI process for the patients from their admission up to discharge.

Duties of MDS coordinator

  • MDS coordinators are responsible in developing treatment plans appropriate for patients that comply accordingly to MDS guidelines. MDS coordinators are also tasked in completing various MDS paper works; submit them on time and make certain it meets with the current guidelines and regulations as these regulations may vary each year.
  • The foremost purpose of MDS is to further assess how residents with skilled nursing along with long term healthcare facilities function, and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to support them. So as to understand some of the health care and medical needs of their residents, MDS coordinators should be licensed (RN) registered nurses.
  • Additional responsibilities of MDS coordinators include collaborative work with other medical staff and run assessment care plan meetings. Most MDS coordinators work intensively with patient’s information system. With this, they are also responsible in educating and coordinating clinical members of the staff as to the proper use of its system. MDS coordinator can also perform some nursing tasks if needed.

Condition of Work

MDS coordinators work in any health care institutions. They mostly deal with lots of paperwork like insurance and billing forms for the patient.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a MDS coordinator, you should first enter in a nursing school and enroll for a registered nurse profession. For you to become a RN, you should obtain about 2 years as associate’s degree, 3 years clinical training program or a bachelor’s degrees in nursing which usually lasts about 4 to 5 years. After obtaining the particular program, RNs must pass the state-examination to receive a license as RN.

Occupation and Progress

Most hospital employers prefer RNs or registered nurses with at least 2 or more work experience in a health care facility or a nursing home in order to become a MDS coordinator. The average salary for MDS coordinators is about $69,000 per annum.

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