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1800Mattress.com Job Description

1800Mattress.com is the people’s principal bedding retailer that was established in 1976. The company allows customers to choose from a huge collection of mattresses, box springs and bedding accessories by telephone and the Internet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The company is located in a 72,000 square foot storehouse in Long Island City, New York. Moreover, countrywide service is accessible through local warehouse allocation centers all through out the United States. The company sells thirty different kinds of beds and the replacement mattresses for the beds as well as furniture and bedding accessories.

1800Mattress.com Duties and Responsibilities

  • Programmer Analyst

A programmer analyst carries out every essential research and testing to establish and suggest computer software that meets the needs of a business. A programmer analyst performs by analyzing the technological needs of a boss or client and writing software for the intention of meeting those needs. A programmer analyst performs a review of an employer and or client’s systems. This mainly includes consulting persons to obtain a sense of business needs, as well as testing the system to get a detailed understanding of its usability and what its deficiencies are. The programmer analyst prepares a statement that recommends all modifications necessary. The programmer analyst generates new software and brings up to date software to better meet the firm business needs. Additionally, the programmer analyst may guide training with regards to the utilization of new and or improved software. A programmer analyst is time and again required to work on a strict time limit like limited time to increase an understanding of a system.

Programmer Analyst Salary: $65,000.00-$70,000.00

  • IT Manager

The IT Manager in a company acts upon with the general running of the business, computer and information systems. The IT manager is required to have had knowledge in every feature of computer networking and process. The IT manager plays a very important position in keeping the operations of any company operating efficiently. The IT manager’s key task is to keep the operations to a complete standstill when the network system goes down. The IT manager has to know how servers work collectively with terminals that work collectively with printers. The IT manager has to shield all the computers attached to the servers from the risk of viruses that can totally close the whole thing down. The IT manager also has to have understanding of the internal workings of a computer terminal in order to deal with any confined problem a computer may have. The IT manager has and keeps every single duplicates of software used in order to make certain that people are not uploading programs for which there are nix licenses. The IT manager takes a computer back to the department to be fixed, implicating that there needs to be an inventory of substitute machines for workers to use.

IT Manager Salary: $80,000.00-$90,000.00

1800Mattress.com Job Application Form Online

Visit this link http://www.1800mattress.com/UI/AboutUs/Careers.aspx to join the 1800Mattress.com family or email resume to [email protected].

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