Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Job Description

Acapulco restaurant founded in 1960 in Pasadena, California can be defined as your fun, festive and casual neighborhood Mexican restaurant in a single line. It is best known for its unique relaxed dining experience, with gracious service where every guest experiences warm welcome along with the feeling of being at home. This restaurant has explored all the fusions and possible innovations related to the Mexican food. Most of its dishes are traditional and prepared instantly according to the demand of customers.

Acapulco restaurant Job Positions and Duties

  • Acapulco restaurant host/hostess Job Description

Visitors always have to first meet to the host/hostess while entering into the hotel. In Acapulco restaurant, all host/hostess are well trained possess pleasant personality and communication skills to offer a warm welcome to all their guests. They are always ready to take care of all the minute requirements of the guests to make them feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience. The main task of a host is to escort visitors to the places like room or to the dinner table and to ensure that the visitors get all facilities that he or she deserves. The host works as the communication bridge or the liaison officer between the kitchen and the dining room. He looks after overall requirement of dining hall. It is the duties of the chef host to ensure that room is properly maintained and that the staff members are also properly dressed and tidy.

The hourly salary of the host/hostess Acapulco restaurant in is $8.42

  • Acapulco restaurant Crew job description

Here, as member of Acapulco restaurant team, a crew can always feel a homely atmosphere. The main work for a crew member is to provide best service to the visitors. Here the crew groups include servers, production workers and shift supervisors/managers. All these professionals are expert to provide dynamic caring environment that makes every minute of the guest in the hotel more comfortable. Besides a great working environment, all the crew members of the Acapulco restaurant also receive excellent packages including other advancement opportunities. Other facilities like free insurance of medical, dental and health, Vacation, Holidays and paid sick days, outstanding bonus potential, fun and upbeat atmosphere are also available to all the crew members of Acapulco restaurant team.

The senior crew members generally get $12.48 per hour and the junior crew members get $10.42 per hour as remuneration

  • Acapulco restaurant cashier Job Description

Cashier’s main responsibility is dealing with processing all types of cash payment made to the restaurant from the customers and from restaurant draw to the customer. Along with the transactions the cashier has to make sure that all visitors are satisfied with the provided service. The cashier has to stand on his/her feet for a considerable amount of time, and for this reason the cashier must be willing and ready to work in the fast-paced environment. Proper knowledge over mathematics, double entry book keeping and accounting with good communication skill are the necessary and required skill sets for a cashier. All cash related complains are solved by him. The casher must have a clear knowledge about Acapulco restaurant since he will have to answer any questions raised by customers regarding available facilities. At the end of the business day, it is the responsibility the cashier to calculate and record everything So as to ensure whether the restaurant is making profits or going at a loss.

Cashier salary on Acapulco restaurant $8.25 per hour

  • Some other positions

Many other professionals are needed for smooth running of the Acapulco restaurant. There are both full time and part time job options for all. Experienced persons with a perfect professional skill are given more emphasis compared to fresher applicants. Acapulco restaurant Deli provides its employees with different type of schemes and bonuses so that the employees can avail the required satisfaction and fun in such a demanding and competitive atmosphere.

Acapulco restaurant Job Application Form Online

The different job opportunity of this restaurant can be known from its website. For this, you need to log on to You can fill the application form for the post that matches to your expertise and education online.

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