Ace Hardware Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Ace Hardware Inc. Job Description

Ace Hardware is a hardware cooperative founded in1928 to provide a centralized purchasing organization to supple the store of the founders and members. The hardware’s retail network, in 1949, expanded to hundreds of dealers when annual sales hit about $10 million. According to J.D. Power and Associates year 2009, Ace Hardware ranks highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Retailers for a record of three consecutive years.

Ace Hardware Inc. Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Sales Associate Job Description

As a Sale Associate at Ace Hardware one should possess a good communication skills and pleasing personality. He or she attends a customer for any questions. He or she also guides the customer to the right direction of the merchandise he or she is looking for. As a sales representative, one is expected to always wear a warm smile to make the customers feel at comfortable.

Ace Hardware Inc. Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $8.55/hour

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Inventory Analyst Job Description

Also known as Inventory Control Analyst, he or she is responsible for executing and implementing all procedures, policies, systems and best practices concerning the inventory process to ensure accurate financial information of the store. He or she also identifies any deficiencies and inefficiencies and making corrective recommendations. He or she also oversees the implementation of the recommendations by the time of its approval. He or she also cooperates with the Accounts Payable department to ensure all transactions are well monitored. In addition, he or she also maintains inventory control records and reports them to the management on a regular basis.

Ace Hardware Inc. Inventory Analyst Salary: $48,667

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Store Manager Job Description

A Store Manager at Ace Hardware is tasked to oversee the facets of the business. He or she oversees the store team’s performance on day to day basis. He or she ensures everything is well organized and systematic. He or she sets the stores goals of a higher sales and better performance by showing leadership.

Ace Hardware Inc. Store Manager Salary: $41,247

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Retail Sales Representative Job Description

Retail Sales representative serves as the face of the company and representing the products to the customers or clients. He or she should be capable of public product demonstration with good oral communication. He or she should also have a good product knowledge and well versed with the store’s system.

Ace Hardware Inc. Retail Sales Representative Hourly Salary: $8.33/hour

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Loss Prevention Job Description

A Loss Prevention officer at Ace Hardware should know how to handle difficult situations with diplomacy. He or she ensures physical security by means of controlling access of associates and visitors, along with maintaining visitor control log. He or she executes the company’s standards as they relate to safety and security measures.

Ace Hardware Inc. Loss Prevention Salary: $62,000

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Replenishment Planner Job Description

A Replenish Planner will be responsible for demand planning, setting up items, replenishments of raw materials and production planning. He or she plans the market demand through market intelligence. He or she also manages product life cycle, raw material requirements through purchase order generation, production efficiencies and trade-offs between inventory.

Ace Hardware Inc. Replenishment Planner Salary: $46,000

  • Ace Hardware Inc. Cashier Job Description

A cashier mans the counter and secures the payments of the customers. He or she ensures the accuracy of the assets coming in and out of the register.

Ace Hardware Inc. Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.03/hour

Ace Hardware Inc. Job Application Form Online

For a career opportunity at Ace Hardware, you can check their online application form:

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