Advance Auto Parts

by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Advance Auto Parts Job Description

With the belief that cars are just more than just transportations, this company believes that they are engines that drive our lives and because of their commitment to their industry, there are now the second largest producer of automotive parts and hard wares.

Advance Auto Parts Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Advance Auto Parts General Store Manager Job Description

One of the most important job of becoming a general manager at Advance Auto Parts is to keep the customer’s lives on track. He or she should be able to train his or her team to handle tough repair questions. And one must be able to teach customers how to take control, repair and master their machines. A general store manager should own high entrepreneurial spirit, it is like thinking that he or she owns the store. He or she should have a strong planning and organizational skills with knowledge of building and retaining a string team within the retail industry. And one should have the capacity and desire to grow professionally into positions of higher responsibility.

Advance Auto Part General Store Manager Salary: $44,889

  • Advance Auto Parts Sales Associate Job Description

To be a Sales Associate at Advance Auto Parts, one should possess the ability to fully understand the ins and outs of the business, effectively execute all key tasks, and maintain high standards of customer service. One should also be able to create high level of customer shopping experience by promptly greeting them and helping them locate the right merchandise that suites their project’s needs. One should be able to maintain and develop comprehensive product knowledge. He or she is also expected to participate in inventories and periodic cycle counts. In the actual workplace, he or she is responsible for consistently working with the store team to grow the business by achieving excellent sales, payroll and profit target. He or she should also maintain safety and security of the store at all times.

Advance Auto Part Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $8.98/hour

  • Advance Auto Parts Retail Parts Pro Job Description

An Advance Auto Parts Retail Pro is the one completing the marking and storing of the merchandise into the stockroom. He or she should constantly work with the General Store Manager to nourish the store team and grow the retail business. One should utilize a strong knowledge of automotive systems, categories of merchandise, company policies and warranties. Should also possess a thorough understanding of automotive principles and the ability to diagnose problems and recommend solutions. And one should be able to perform other assigned store duties that may include cleaning, stocking, cashiering, truck loading and unloading, sales and inventory.

Advance Auto Part Retail Parts Pro Hourly Salary: $10.56/hour

  • Advance Auto Parts Assistant Manager Job Description

He or she, as an assistant manager, is expected to carry out duties and responsibilities in times when the manager is away. He or she also serves as an extension of the manager in executing duties and responsibilities of the Advance Auto Parts store. One must possess good uplifting spirit and must be able to handle a team. Energetic and untiring, he or she must be able to teach his team of some tough repair questions by the customers.

Advance Auto Part Assistant Manager Salary: $33,859

Advance Auto Parts Job Application Form Online

Any application online will be accepted by Advance Auto Parts thru their website . Just a tip, make sure you are able to finish filling up the form before 45 minutes runs down or all you have filled in will be lost. This is a test of your mental speed. Since you will be dealing with a world class competitive company where speed is of the essence, you have to think fast.

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