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Aeropostale Job Description

Aeropostale is a specialty retailer for casual clothing and accessories which targets to market to the teens. Aeropostale products are only sold and bought in Aeropostale and its online market providing customers with high quality clothing that is fashion oriented at the same time. With over 885 operating stores in 49 states and in Puerto Rico and also 36 stores operating in Canada, Aeropostale is a venue for you to showcase your skills and talents.

Aeropostale Job Positions and Duties

  • Aeropostale Store Manager Job Description

A Store Manager has various roles in the store. Roles covering store operations, staffing, sales, and merchandising. A store manager is in charge for the store’s daily operation. He/she creates or utilizes strategies that are effective to increase profitability and sales. He/she also hires and develops staff to be able to meet sales goals and provide superior customer service. He/she also monitors the execution of company standards and merchandising strategies.

Aeropostale Store Manager Salary: $43,688

  • Aeropostale Assistant Manager Job Description

The primary responsibility of an Assistant Manager is to Assist and support the store manager for the daily operation of the store. He/she will monitor and ensure that the staff activities are directed towards meeting sales goal and delivering quality customer service. He/she also assists in executing company set standards and marketing strategies.

Aeropostale Assistant Manager Salary: $31,606

  • Aeropostale Sales Lead Job Description

A Sales Lead assists in achieving the sales goals of the store by supervising the selling floor. The Sales Lead takes the lead in executing selling strategies for the floor to ensure that the goals will be met or if possible exceeded. He/she will also maintain merchandising standards and take part in training and mentoring staff to help them develop the skills and gain knowledge needed for the job.

Aeropostale Sales Lead Hourly Salary: $10.56

  • Aeropostale Merchandise Flow Associate Job Description

The Merchandise Flow Associate is responsible for monitoring merchandise movement and organization in the store. He/she works with the management in the execution of floor sets and merchandise recovery. The Merchandise Flow Associate also is responsible for complying with the company’s stockroom standards.

Aeropostale Merchandise Flow Associate Hourly Salary: $7.97

  • Aeropostale Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales Associate is responsible for interacting with the customers and ensuring quality service is being provided to the customers. He/she is the one who communicates to the customers the brand to convince them into buying it. The sales associate assists the customers in getting what they need from the store. He/she also supports store standards and maintains the cleanliness and organization of the store.

Aeropostale Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $7.68

Aeropostale Career Opportunities Online

If you are interested in working at Aeropostale you can check on their site to learn more about them. After being able to gather information about the company and you feel like this is a place for your career growth and experience just follow this link, You will then find a page where you will have to choose which career opportunity suits you.

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