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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Ally Bank Job Descriptions

Ally Bank is committed to providing a great work environment, one that values the uniqueness of each individual. Ally Bank extends equal employment opportunities to qualified applicants and employees on an equal basis regardless of an individual’s age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other reason prohibited by law. Working at Ally Bank is rewarding. Prospects are given a range of tools to help their skills grow and manage their career. Ally Bank’s Total Rewards Program includes compensation and benefits with extra incentives for its employees.

Ally Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Ally Bank Banking Center Manager Job Description

The manager is responsible for overall customer satisfaction, branch managers spend a great deal of time with tellers, loan officers, and other employees to ensure all candidates are properly trained. It is important that these professionals have extensive customer service skills, because they must motivate all sales professionals and work with customers in order to increase public satisfaction.

Ally Bank Banking Center Manager Salary: $175,000

  • Ally Bank Treasury Manager Job Description

The primary focus of Ally Bank Treasury Manager is the management and direction of company cash, fixed income, and equity investments. The Manager coordinates and maintains reports, maintains relations with local financial institutions, provides financial forecasts, and supervises all management of company funding.

Ally Bank Treasury Manager Salary: $128,000

  • Ally Bank Chief Credit Officer Job Description

The Chief Credit Officer is responsible for providing support, direction, credit information, and loan policies and procedures to ensure the overall quality of the Bank’s lending portfolio. Duties include calculating the Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss Reserve (ALLL) and making recommendations to executive management and the Board of Directors for monthly allocations to the Loan Loss Reserve. Reviews and approves/declines large and complex loans prior to submission to Loan Committee among other tasks.

Ally Bank Chief Credit Officer Salary: $85,000

  • Ally Bank Data Processing Manager Job Description

The Data Processing Manager is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, planning, and operation of the Data Processing Center. Schedules and directs operation of mainframe, host, and core processing systems and the data processing production environment to ensure efficient, effective, and timely service is provided to the Bank. The position of Data Processing Manager is responsible for overseeing routine system operation functions of core and host processing systems, including day, night, and month end processing, in addition to database administration; ensures quality, accuracy, and integrity of the systems and data are maintained.

Ally Bank Data Processing Manager Salary: $85,000

  • Ally Bank Marketing Officer Job Description

The Marketing Officer is responsible for the coordination of all marketing and social media and networking activities of the Bank; ensures marketing activities are in compliance with state and federal regulations; develops various marketing concepts, objectives, materials, advertisements, programs, press releases, and other special events approved by Senior Management and the Board of Directors. Provides guidance and coordinates implementation efforts with respect to the installation of new or existing products and services. Other task can be assigned to the office too.

Ally Bank Marketing Officer Salary: $80,000

  • Ally Bank Secretary Job Description

The Secretary is responsible for performing a variety of routine clerical duties including, but not limited to: receiving and distributing mail and correspondence; gathering data and compiling various reports for management; photocopying materials; maintaining files; ordering supplies; answering the telephone and determining appropriate direction for business inquiries; issuing correspondence; promoting business for the Bank by maintaining good customer relations; and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services.

Ally Bank Secretary Salary: $39,000

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