American Apparel Inc.

by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

American Apparel Inc. Job Description

American Apparel is well known because it is the biggest clothing manufacturer in the United States. Aside from developing pioneering products, wholesaling and dealings, they as well create their own publicity, promotion and design. Few years ago, they stretched out their big company by producing jeans, nail polish, dresses and accessories for everyone and even for your dogs in addition to undergarments and shirts. They are also one of the not so many garments companies that send overseas “Made in the USA” goods and just recently, the company sold out about more than $125 million dollars of locally manufactured outfits outside of United States.

American Apparel Inc. Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Quality Control Supervisor/ Full Time

The Quality Control Supervisor supervises and organizes duties of human resources engaged in inventorying and examining finished garments, cut pieces and machinery, to make sure that they stick with the company’s quality standards and shopper qualifications. The quality control supervisor pursues and improves in print process demonstrating areas to be studied, gauging strategies to be used and utmost and least sufficient tolerances. The quality control supervisor regularly exchange words with manager, production teams and product development team for issues regarding the products. He or she can sanction and discard decisions for debatable and non-debatable type of flaws. The quality control supervisor makes certain that remedial and precautionary action is in use. The quality control supervisor also does further supervisory and office duties.

Quality Control Supervisor Salary: $40,000.00 to $65, 00.00

  • Sales Coordinator/Fulltime

The Sales Coordinator helps in increasing sales. The sales coordinator is responsible in processing a large amount of orders which includes getting information such as product chic, dye, amount requested and customer billing statement and delivery specifications. The sales coordinator considers customer requests and creating ideas of styles that may be of interest to their companies and spectators. The sales coordinator must continue communicating with different sections all through the company to guarantee that stock levels are satisfactory. The sales coordinator must keep on interfacing with potential and existing clients to build or preserve long-term relationships as well.

Sales Coordinator Salary: $30,000.00 to $45,000.00

  • Quality Assurance In Line Auditor/Fulltime

The Quality Assurance In Line Auditor is responsible for the finishing assessment for outfits from the manufacturing base. The quality assurance in line auditor will perform audits and evaluations of operations. Also assist in the accomplishment of company targets and in improving the whole customer service product.

Quality Assurance In Line Auditor Salary: No data availalable

Employment Benefits

American Apparel offers you the best benefits like affordable health care for you and your family, personal time-off, sponsored lunches, free parking and sponsored bus passes, proper lighting and ventilation and massages. Yes, you read it right, even a relaxing massage.

American Apparel Inc. Job Application Form Online

If you have the sense of culture and fashion, then be part of American Apparel Inc. , the leading clothing industry in the United States .Show your creativity and skills to American Apparel or visit this link for other job opportunities that suits you.

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